Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Peeling Finale (full series) by Iain Rob Wright

I have been looking forward to more of this gruesome, yet riveting, story since it was hinted at as a freebie at the end of Animal-Kingdom: An Apocalyptic Novel (a fantastic read!).

This tale gives you a little glimpse of the horrors inflected upon a variety of individuals, which are unfolding all over the World by a new plague which literally peels the skin off its victims, IRW manages to describe this in glorious technicolor!

For such a brief tale, you cant help but be totally absorbed and taken over by the characters and they have such depth that you miss them at the end... and as always, the IRW,  the ending is not what you think....

The second instalment of this gruesome new world that IRW has imagined and brought to life (or death) a ghastly new disease of unknown cause but very known consequences.

He continues his absolutely stunning grip on the real horrors in the world as superbly illustrated in his novel ASBO: A Novel of Extreme Terror and manages to bring forth the true nature of people in stressful situations and make them the real horror in the mess of apocalyptic terror.

As usual, the characters are rounded, with short but fulfilling back stories, you feel at ease with them instantly and are soon engulfed in their world.

As no-one is safe from the Peeling you are in full trepidation as to what dread is around the next page turn (or button click for us ebookers).

As always I was captivated by this new chapter and sad that it ended, but Mr Wright is consistent in his fabulous endings.

The focus is on a supermarket takeover, and not by Tesco!

Two sets of army teams fight it out with the "civvies" in the middle. Good vs Evil basically, yet so well done.

Attention to detail as always from this perfectionist author.

Some very attention grabbing defence plays; very apocalyptic in nature... makes for a "fun" read.

Now, the ending... OMG what a way to leave it!! amazing!
I cannot do spoilers... but you wont see this one coming!

So IRW takes us to the heart of hell and the possible start of the virus, or is it?

The journey into this new pit is coldly scary and unnerving in its possibilities.... how do a group of intelligent people keep a hostage for so many years?

The creeping terror sensation you get with this book is very, very dark.

Classically done! Faultless in its editing, as usual, and amazing writing!

Patient Zero

A nice fresh setting to end the series, with some great new characters that have enough of a back story to be believable and cared about.

In such a short and horrific tale IRW still manages to inject some brilliant British humour!

I really loved the reality check of how the group felt and reacted, no movie style theatrics, no overt hero stuff, it all felt so real.

The tension and build up as IRW drags you to the finale was exquisite, I really felt myself squinting and half looking at my kindle, I'm sure if I had been listening on audio book I would have had my hands over my eyes or been hiding behind the sofa!

The ending is abrupt, but totally satisfying.

As always with IRW the editing is perfection, not a comma out of place.

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