Sunday, 10 December 2017

Plagued: book 1 by Eden Crowne

Excellent start with a really brief history with a surprising twist. Skylar is the readers narrator and she is also a Negative with “level ups” or enhancements.

This is a world post bird flu in what the survivors call the Plague. What remains of the split are negatives which are immune and positives that don’t seem to last very long, add in the army and some militants and the usual corrupt politics and you soon have an intriguing storyline.

In this new post-apocalyptic world Negatives all have enhanced senses although our little hero/narrator as the usual set of enhancements, Sky has so much more than most and she needs to know why.

When she starts to notice and fall for Hugo the gorgeous Brit’ boy, his appearance in her life starts a strange chain reaction of coincidences and intrigue starts to unfold.

Loved all the British poke at humour. Although the odd vernacular was missed which did start to distract once it stopped being funny. Zucchine is a British yellow courgette not a marrow but hey ho!
The odd spelling mistake or missing word along with the rushed compact and baffling explanation for various things made me feel that things were rushed on the this book and not the usual polished perfection from this (journalist) author.

Whilst the ending left me on a cliff-hanger I’m not sure I liked the story or the (obvious) characters enough to want to read a sequel, I just don’t care about them enough like I usually do in her other storylines or characters.

Also there was a general lack of tongue in cheek humour that I have come to expect. It took me a long time to get into and then to finish, but EC is still an amazing author and her Avenging Angel series is awesome

Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Pursuit (A Novella) Bk 4 of the Mind Sweeper Series by AE Jones

I cant help but love the way AEJ writes her characters, they feel so real, full bodied, passionate and I really miss them at the end of the books.

This is another novella, a short read but full of punch, storylines and it certainly moves the overall story along, but crucially fills in some missing areas.

Jean-Luc is a mystery and in the last novel we met Talia - AEJ gives a great back story to Talia and really enhanced how I felt about Jean-Luc.

There are hints of passion and erotica along the way, with a real will they wont they tension
The ending is well done, with some good, bad and ooooh!

Really looking forward to the next installment.