Wednesday, 2 November 2016

God Bomb! by Kit Power

I adored the authors note it really set the scene for the entire story with its tongue in cheek poke at God and religion but with a definite "is it/isn’t" element.

However, I did not enjoy the sex scenes as felt they were not needed as the same outcome of disgust could have been achieved with a different antagonist.

The pace is very fast in the middle and could almost hear the author narrating this to me, I did go back and reread a few pages.

At first I hated the ending as I felt it was a cop out, then I let it roll around for a few days as this story kept creeping back into my thought I enjoyed it more and implanted my own meaning into various points. I can only assume this was the authors intention with his original notes regarding asking questions.

I do think it could have been a longer book with more follower’s stories and linkage to The Book (ala IRW in Final Winter) but I believe this is Kit Powers first novel and its a clever piece of writing, with some impressive thought provoking comments.

I have enjoyed KPs short stories in the Hells Gate anthologies.

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