Monday, 10 October 2016

That Ghoul Ava on the Lam by TW Brown

Jump on a few months and my favourite pop culture referencer and dead body muncher is back in favour with the fairies having royally upset them in the last story. However, she is now hunted by the Templars.

We start this story with her throwing doggy poop down a neighbour’s chimney! You have to read this now huh!  With two hilarious Great Danes who are so dense they are a comedy double act, please let them be a bigger part in the future

There are hilarious moments in this book and you can tell that TWB really enjoys writing this character but there is also a dark and sad edge to it, please read the forward to understand the mind-set, also because the author really puts a part of himself in there.

This chapter sees Ava battling a revolting creature and coming to terms with certain facts about her undead life now and the community she has joined. As the story comes to a close it is clear another danger is imminent, great tease TWB!

Having visited Portland, Oregon, and had a personal tour given to us by TWB (ok I’m showing off now) I loved all the references to the places.  A Xmas tree farm!!! Wahahahah (personal joke from TWB – btw if the books he writes get 5* from me it’s because he has EARNED them, not because we are pals, he sucks – I tell him, but so far so good!)

I thought I cracked how to read these by always having one in the wings, so to speak but now I am Ava bereft.  Smaller more frequent bites (pun intended) please TWB even if you have to split a few books, like the old Saturday morning cliff-hanger movies!

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