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That Elusive Cure by Lisa C Hinsley

Lisa C. Hinsley is a new author to me, she has several titles out and I enjoyed this book so much I have downloaded two and got samples of the others! (got to love ebook for that function alone).

You can find out more about Lisa C Hinsley here:

Twitter: @LisaCHinsley

What a beautiful dedication and  thoughts shared at the beginning of the book.

The first chapter damn near broke my heart. How LCH has managed to write so eloquently, yet factually about such an emotional subject with clear personal touches really pricked at my eyes.

Her main character is Kath, and Kath has terminal bowel cancer. The premise of the story is she is offered that elusive cure via a pod from the future, or does she?

Some really great explanations of the torment that is simply waiting for a call back, a simple text message of hope.

The way that LCH describes the horrific side effects of the chemo and how it wrecks your body; I was almost signing up for the The Moon Walk.

The descriptive writing style of LCH goes into overdrive as she puts you at the door to a church, then inside  and finally next to the “pod” of dreams.  I found the odd bit of dark humour in this book and this was one of those times as Kathy starts to think that Janie, her potential savior, is a mercy serial killer!

As if poor Kath doesn’t have enough in her own life to deal with she desperately tries to help her childhood friend, who has debilitating depression. Surely that should be the other way around? Another reason this book feels so real life and not just a story, nothing is perfect.

This element of the book really made me think about disease and all its forms. Just because we can’t see the disease does it make it not real? I was very torn as to which friend was suffering more.

An “interesting” observation regarding cancer diagnosis and its treatment that I had never thought of was the impact getting well has on your family and friends. What others try to shield from you as you are the “sick” one.

Kath constantly struggles with not being able to fix, cure or care enough about those around her to the point where I was getting annoyed at Kath expecting the pod to fix all the problems not only in her life but in the world, some things should not be fixed.

But is cancer the cause of that selfishness or is it just life?, do we need permission to love our selves first in life?

As things start to build to a crescendo after an interfering husband puts a spanner in the works, all hope seems at a loss, the tension continues to mount as it’s a race to the finish line, but which finish line? 

There are some deaths along the way, some threats and lots of high emotion. I was caught on the edge of my seat for most of this book.

The ending was a bit quick for me, I could see where the author wanted to go, just think it could have gone a few more chapters into explaining things. But sometimes your own imagination is better, and in this case, only a maybe from me?

Not sure what genre this book comes under, its harrowing, informative, a touch of sci-fi and a touch of horror.

BUT it is a book NOT be missed.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews....... Jeffrey Kosh

Jennifer Thomas is loved by many authors for her honest and wonderful reviews. This guest blog she tells us all why she loves Jeffrey Kosh so much. 

What do you feel your life is worth? Are you ready to die right now and leave this world behind for the unknown of the afterlife? Well when I read this I was not so sure in the beginning but this story grew into something poetic and amazing right before my eyes.

Artie had his world torn to pieces at a young age and ended up in the bottle and on the streets. His life was nothing to anyone, not even him. When a bout of pneumonia and a lot of rum causes him to make a deal that will cost him almost everything he knows he finds out that the world is not only made up of bad deals and evil magic but it is also made of the white light of love and goodness.

Really enjoyed this one and hope to read some more of Jeffrey Kosh's work really soon!

When I first started reading this short story I understood from the first that it was very much the erotic read that it claims to be but the passion only last a few minutes. 

Who is this man who has invaded a couple who has not done anything wrong? What is this man going to make a husband watch him do wife?

These are just a couple of questions that Kevin has running through his mind as his wife Samantha is left to the mercy of this sexy invading beast.

As in true Jeffrey Kosh writing style the subject matter may be disturbing at some points and hard to imagine (if you even want to imagine) but his words are never disturbing or vulgar and his writing is easy to read and follow through the worst of scenes.

As a reader I want to place a small warning for other readers, this story contains some strong sexual scenes that may be disturbing to people who are sensitive to sexual violence. 

This is an erotic thriller and please keep that in mind when you purchase and read this story.

This is a short story and a quick read but it is also very gripping and suspenseful. 

Once I started the first sentence, Jeffrey Kosh had my imagination in the palm of his hands.

Imagine being a civil war solider being killed in battle only to awaken to not only have your fears in life come back upon you but to have to face evil like you have never known and find out your part of it.

Get this story. Read it. You will not be sorry.

This is a great pirate story that you can't help but love from the first word to the last. It has the horror and suspense that keeps you wanting more along with characters whom you will never forget.

As you will find when you read this book there is a story within a story what you will find is love, loss and emotion within the horror and fear that I enjoyed so very much.

This is a great story for a low price so pick it up and enjoy it :o) I did!!

I doesn't matter what subject matter or genre Jeffery Kosh chooses to write about he is able to write with all of he passion he feels in his heart with every word in every story. 

This short is no different. He is able to bring the fears and loneliness of the main character in the story to life in your minds eye so that you are absorbed by every emotion.

When Cardinal Lodovico Strigidi is plagued by the sounds of a creature that he feels is the messenger of evil and death he would give anything to make it go away, but when he realizes that there is no on in the world that can be there for him and help him the fear and despair only grows.

This is a must read short for all who love a bit of potery and despair in your life.
This is a wonderful story that will take you throught every emotion of man not only in life but in death as well.

Armand Bouvier lets is jealously get the best of him were his love Valerie is concerned and once this extreme feeling has taken hold he can not help himself, he must kill the man that is causing him so much hate. But what Armand dosen't understand is that he is being played the fool.

This story takes you through some of the darker sides of voodoo and black magic and you just can't wait to turn the page to see what is going to happen next.

This book is very much the erotic thriller that it claims to be. 

Jeffrey Kosh has a way with words to make this book flow in a very lustful and unexpected way. His descriptions of the human body and the state of mind his characters within these steamy pages will leave you longing to turn the page, and all this why weaving a thriller and a story of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Jeffrey has a way of giving more to each of his lead characters. In this book the man is Slade Carver. As you read you find that Slade is more than just the hot and sexy cowboy. 

He is really just a lost soul in need of rescuing and who is trapped by something, or someone who is more than he ever thought possible.

Please keep in mind if you purchase this book that it is an EROTIC THRILLER and in being so does have some very descriptive sexual scenes and sexual suggestions throughout. But as with all of Jeffrey's writing, he writes in a manner where his words allow you to feel the passion and emotion that is taking place in that moment and his words are never disturbing in any way.

Once again Jeffrey Kosh gives you a glimpse of how dark his mind can be and how the darkness of Prosperity Glades can find it's own way to imbed itself within the darkest parts of your imagination.

In this book you get some background into a dark and fearful world where you can never quite tell who will be taken captive by one of the many spirits that inhabit a small Florida county that has been inhabited by evil for as long as the land has been there. 

Every story within this book will make you want to learn more about what is happening in Prosperity. What will you believe when you finish reading? Well I'll tell you that you will learn how your own mind can feel the fear and you will be left with a feeling of uneasy.

This is not a book for the faint hearted but you don't have to be a hard core horror fan to enjoy it. 

I will let you know that there are parts of this book that involve children and tackle the taboo subject of child abuse but everything is very tastefully written and nothing in Jeffrey's writing is ever anymore uncomfortable to read than it is intended to be.

 Every detail is just enough to let you feel the emotion that is happening at that time in the story, weather it be pain, fear, hate, sadness or even pleasure that can take a life of it's own from a woman's lust.

A must read book for all horror fans, but I would like to advise that everyone read Feeding The Urge before reading this one to better understand the characters that take a life of their own in both of these books.

This book has so much going on within the pages that once you start it you will never have to worry about your mind wondering off in a different direction. 

In the beginning it is a story about Dr. Axel Hyde but it becomes so much more. There are so many different stories within this book it is crazy, but it all works and flows so well together.

This book does have some very adult situations and it does have some very taboo subject matter that a lot of people my want to turn away from the book but I can assure you that this book is very well thought out and written in a way that some of the subject matter is never to overwhelming. 

The characters are so well written that it is very easy for them to become real in your mind. You are able to feel the pain and hate and fear of each and everyone of them and that is what made this book so amazing for me.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good captivating read and as much as you wouldn't think it being in a book like this, there is a bit of romance and a hot and steamy part.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

DEAD: Dark Before Dawn by T.W. Brown

What is it with zombie writers and cats??

Again, we are introduced to each group and each of their stories moves along in their own unique way, with so many threads now  I am finding that my mind is boggling trying to work out who to route for and who to worry about. So many different personalities to deal with TB really makes his own hard work, but rises to the challenge exceptionally well as each person is so well defined. 

Loved the occasional nod to books and movies, it was fun to try and work them out, but that’s the only fun bit about this book, the usual humour is missing as this is truly the chapter that is Darkness Before Dawn.

Its nice to see Billy growing but It’s also interesting to see/witness Billy struggle with the need for “boss man” in others.   I would like to see Dr Zahn get a love interest, for herself and someone to love her back. But with what they are up to lately Im not so sure I like her all that much at the moment, means do not always justify the ends.

Juan, is so not my favourite character, I find him to jivey/rough, but I am warming to him now that he is chilling out and being less “street”, and he does have a really hard time in this chapter of the series, my heart was in my mouth, but mostly for poor gentle Mackenzie than him, but you have to say he is one tough hombre.

Have to love how the British group have fortified their little farm house. I liked them before I knew them! I am always impressed with how an American can grasp the British element so well.

Chad and Ronnies plight and “journey” started to get on my pip after a while. But then I remembered that there has to be time to breathe and feel the  emotions, otherwise what are they fighting to stay alive for.

The groups are really starting to get inventive now with some of their defenses and I did have to grin at Kevin (The Geek) mentally making his survival list again.

The poor Geeks and Kids seem to have met every bad guy in USA, I love Rose (rosie) what a tough little cookie, but with a heart of gold really. Now why do I like her but not Juan… hmmm.  Also Deanna and her back story. I just want to hug these kids.

Its nice that some of the stories slowed down a bit to give some back histories, hard to care about a character when all you see is the here and now and not how they got there.

A few more sad deaths to contend with, but then this is the apocalypse!

There are lots of twists and turns, revelations and some backward stepping, I found this a very sad and heavy hearted chapter in the Dead series.   

Maybe because there is a lack of Steve & Melissa but I really miss Thalia.

As always this is well written, hard to put down and perfectly edited. The wait is on again for the next chapter, what well happen when I finally reach no.12 and find there are no more….. thank fully TW Brown has many other stories up his very large sleeves!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spooked by Lori R. Lopez

It appears that LRL talent has now transcended to another species! As she gets inside the head of a cat at the beginning of this tale.

On the flip side of this story is Casper Bledsoe, a “bad‘un” according to his family; yet to fulfil his destiny.

The staccato pace of this story really lends itself to the rising anticipation and tension.

As the abused puss, with such a sad back story, runs terrified through the house poor Casper must face his family history and try to live up to their expectations of him.

As two angry predecessors fight it out, crockery goes a flying!

Both cat and Casper come to a timely end, just not the one I expected!

Another brilliant twist in the cat tail from the great LRL.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews Billie Sue Mosiman part 3

Jennifer Thomas gives more of her wonderful reviews of the brilliant Billie Sue Mosiman. 

How much loss can one person handle in their lives? How much can one 15 year old girl handle on her own? Well I have to say that in this novel you will come close to finding out.

Angie just wants to fit into a new home and a new town but the local boy, Tyeson Dompier, who has taken a liking to her ends up making her new Southern life a nightmare in which she feels like she will never wake from. All she wants is happiness after the loss of her mother and for her and her father to be happy again.

Jason Thorton moved him and is daughter to Moon Lake Mississippi for a fresh beginning but he is forced to watch his daughter become more and more pained in this new town where it seems happiness will never find his sweet girl. He doesn't know what is going on and struggles to encourage her to give the new town and the kids at her school a chance. As he hopes things will fall into place for her he begins to notice that happiness may never find her there.

This novel is full of suspense and horror and is a great read. This emotionally charged story line will have you hanging on to every word as the horror unfolds throughout your imagination.

We are always told that everything happens for a reason and I do believe that. 

This story not only follows that line of thought but also gives the reasoning that if it was meant to happen then that is the was it will always be and no matter how far technology goes the past will forever be the same.

I'm not a werewolf fan so I put off reading this story for a long time and after reading it I'm sorry I did.

Joey never had an easy life, being mistreated and picked on and even ignored when he was in pain. Too bad they never got a chance to regret their actions.

The wound they thought was just from him being clumsy is so much more. When his world changes will the be around long enough to realize their ignorance is their downfall?

Read this awesome short and find out!

I have to admit that when I first started this novel I didn't know what direction it was going take but then I was sucked in. The flow of the story line and the development of the characters is amazing.

Karl has no idea who is turning his life upside down or why but when people start dying he knows that whoever is doing it won't stop until they get whatever it is they want. 

The reality that what this person wants is for him to no longer be alive is almost too much for him to bare. And what makes it even worse is when things start to come together and he finds out that a secret Hollywood project could hold some clue as to what is happening he is bound by secrecy and has no one to turn too.

I really enjoyed this novel and recommend it to mystery fans everywhere.

This is around 22 pages of page turning awesome!

When Brie first discovers that her temper is not only bad but truly flammable it scares her to no end but once she learns that she has no need to fear her new capabilities her live expands.

Little does Brie know that her life is about to be the happiest it has ever been. She meets Trey, the soon to be love of her life ans biggest supporter. Neither she or Trey can imagine how their life together will turn out.

From the very first page of this book I was drawn into this amazing historical world that Billie Sue Mosiman paints with her words.

My heart breaks more than once in this book for the main female character, Rose Donahue. But she is so strong that you just know that she can overcome anything that she has to endure.

The main male in this book will capture your heart with his kindness and compassion. Travis is a mighty force to be reckoned with and as his love grows he knows that his life will always be complete as long as he has the woman he loves.

The villain of this story is a non stop beast who is surprised at himself for what he is doing. But his obsession with the one he considers his will not let him stop.

When you open this book you don't read it, you hop on the wagon trail and ride along through the adventure for family, gold and a place to call home.

I have to begin by saying that I love the original Frankenstein. Being a fan of Billie Sue Mosiman I knew even before I began this book that I would be surprised by her words and once again I was not let down. 

This novelette captures you imagination from the first page and pulls you into one mans world as he hunts for Dr. Frankenstein's monster to find out once and for all if twenty years after the doctors death if his creation still lives.

This becomes his obsession. Even though he may not live to find the truth he has to push forward and know if the one creature who has haunted his mind for twenty long years lives or if it has passed in the frozen wastelands of the arctic tundra.

 What he finds and the loss he experiences is more than one man can handle and the worse thing of all is he finds out just how bad the human race can hate and fear the unknown.

Another great and fascinating read by Billie Sue Mosiman. This book not only lets you see what is going on inside the mansion walls but leads you through the pain, fear and hurt of the characters within.

I love that Billie Sue was able to bring back her character, Jack DeShane, from her novel Wireman for me being a fan of her writing and of that book it was like a sweet surprise getting to see an old friend.

This short story is very emotional from the very beginning. It starts with a man who doesn't want to sit and watch is family die and turns in to a horror that no man should ever have to face. 

I have never read a zombie story like this, where you can learn through the eyes of a dead man what it means to want to live

This outstanding collection takes you through the world of witch craft and throws a killer in the mix just for fun. These stories will engage your mind and leave you with a feeling of wonder. 

These are great stories of suspends and magic with a pretty boy thrown in just do give you the feeling of fear that will leave you wondering just who is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

I highly recommend this book of stories along with The Subway Collection book 1 if you love to have something to read on the go or in the comfort of your home. The suspense that leaps from the pages will leave you longing for more.

Prosper is a man on the edge of his life in prison who does just what needs to be done.

 I agree with Prosper, he is not an innocent man but he got the wrong end of the stick. Then there is Dr. Prentice Forbes aka Hammurabi. He is a very twisted man who gets just what he deserves.

This is a very edgy and gritty story that will in the end leave you with a feeling of both loss and justice.

Imagine living your life knowing that you are different and wondering day in and day out if there is anyone in the great wide world you can trust. How awful must it be? Are there creatures out in the world wondering the same thing?

Now imagine you found something you are starting to put your trust in, not just something but a something of the opposite sex. Something that seems to be taking care of you. Then the horror as that trust comes crashing around you as your world is turned upside down.

Yep, you get all of that and so much more within the pages of this story!

Great and fun read.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sam by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Poor Tommy, his best friend is dead and his, not so wonderful, Mother is about to flush him down the toilet.

So Tommy does what all little boys do; he visits the local witch doctor down the hall.

Ceremony performed and Sam the Goldfish returns to his bowl, just a little hungrier.

As Tommy resorts to stealing from his Mum to feed his friends new appetite the bond between them becomes stronger and more visual.

The finale is inevitable but still smirk worthy.

Eeeeky in just the right amount, a short lunch time read to put you off your sandwich!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dust to Dust: witch you were here & some silly questions by Eden Crowne

Eden Crowne is from San Francisco, California and in her other life she is an international journalist writing on technology, pop culture, emerging trends, and travel in Asia. She has learned a lot about survival. About coping in strange places. Being the outsider and never having that cloak of anonymity to throw on and hide behind. Those feelings of being on the outside looking in is something she brilliantly recreates in her characters. Wanting to belong and wanting to be left alone all jumbled together in a mix that never seems to make sense. Mythology and the supernatural fuel her interest in the fiction in what she writes and what likes to  read. She tries to define her books in a mythological sense, each of them is a classic “Heroes Journey” for the main character. 

Find Eden Crowne at  or

Now some silly questions;
What is your favourite sandwich? Drink?
I love chicken salad sanwiches!! Or roast beef au jus. My favorite drink is double espresso over ice, many of my characters drink that. Have to have my double espresso AT the coffee place in the morning. I always go out for it, even if it's to get it to go!

Do you have a favourite place to write?
Coffee shops. All over the world. That's where I go every morning. Write for several hours till noon. Not every coffee shop. Certain coffee places have good energy. The Starbuck's in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. The Excelsior cafe there as well. The St. Marc cafe in Meguro, Tokyo. The Starbuck's in Canyon Del Rey, CA and the Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf in Los Feliz, CA. Oh, the Sega Fredo in Roppongi Hills.

Who or What is your personal favourite character/novel?
In my novels??? I would have said Julian Lake in Fear Club. But now it's Quil St. James in my upcoming YA dystopian novel, Plagued. He seems so, so real. And dangerous. And complex. My favorite novel of my own is Deathgods, not released yet. Good things coming.
My favorite childhood book was Weirdstone of Brisingame by Alan Garner and the sequel, Moon of Gomrath. I think he ifluenced me to bring myth and magic into our modern world.
My favorite character is not literary at all, it's Dr. Who. I grew up with Tom Baker as my doctor. The Time Lords were the basis of so many stories in my head as I fell asleep. I love the reinvention as well and all the new doctors, especially the tenth doctor, David Tennent. What a magnificient creation.

If you had a theme track, what would it be?
Britney Spears', “Work B$$ch”

If you were to write your “memoirs” who would play you and key members of your life in the televised series?
OMG, so difficult. I am so wacky. Miley Cyrus in her Hannah Montana character and before she went, well, you know... Or maybe Kat Dennings from Two Broke Girls. I have a mouth on me.

And back to silly, if you could have any supernatural power what would it be?
Healing power. Most definitely!

And so on to the review of Dust to Dust; witch you were here!

Ok, lets start with the bad bits…. This book ended; I was devastated.
This book pretty much as all the components of a fantastic series, add to that the exceptional imagination and writing skills of Eden Crowne and you have that fantastic story.

From witches, spider witches (oh yes, these are super scary!), demons, vampires, faeries, zombies, demigoddesses shaped like leopards, sprites, sirens, demon hounds, magic, elementals, dragons (babies!), necormancers and Soul Eaters. Not forgetting the exceptionally hot sex, desire and fulfillment scenes certainly had me blushing at times! You have perfection.

With one paragraph I was bounced back into the story and the supernatural world of Tamsin, who is still trying to find the remaining pieces of her soul and the runes needed to bring it together, each body she inhabits means she gains more magic, spells and talents, which EC puts to great use with her amazing imagination. 

In this incarnation she is a Charmer, her ability allows her to literally smell of candy floss, cookies and butterscotch and charm the pants off anyone. Also she has horns, a sad fashion sense and gets followed by a lot of love struck dogs!

Drake makes a welcome return as the sexy vampire/Prime, his position of outcast from the Fae realm gives a whole new twist and story line to this book.

I was glad to see that the super-sized demon hound that is Desmond, Dez to his friends, had also returned. It was really great to have Dez playing a bigger, if somewhat mute role. As Theo, the Sprite, and his Kitty return for the game the humour element that makes these books so much fun was in place. This humour factor is well needed in the terror and horror of the game that is occurring.

In the first few chapters there is an awesome fight scene, there is so much magic  being flung around I practically felt my own hair sizzle, throw in the amazingly hot sexy bits and I was almost on fire.

As the scary plot twists start showing up I was routed and clicking (yes I have ebooks, shoot me) page turns faster than I wanted; from previous experience with this author I knew I should make this book last, but it’s so well written that I just wanted to gobble it up like a huge bar of Galaxy chocolate.

This pretty much continues throughout the book, each new twist adding to the fun and mayhem, but it never grows stale or samey as EC has such an expanse of themes, magical elements, dimensions, characters and creatures to draw on.

Such in depth, perfect explanations for all the magical elements and critters that come forth. With so many characters, game players and fantasy elements going on it would be easy to get lost in this world, but EC expertly guides you through keeping you focused on the important bits.

What a spectacular finale, of magic realms bursting through to human awareness and The Game draws to a conclusion, which of course leaves the playing field wide open for many more books.

Wonderful explanation of Primes and The Game at the end, but was wondering if this should be at the beginning for those idiots among us that pick up book 2 and wonder what’s going on!

I am always excited when this author announces a new book, which she does and teases with at the end of this one. Hurry up and write faster!