Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews Billie Sue Mosiman part 3

Jennifer Thomas gives more of her wonderful reviews of the brilliant Billie Sue Mosiman. 

How much loss can one person handle in their lives? How much can one 15 year old girl handle on her own? Well I have to say that in this novel you will come close to finding out.

Angie just wants to fit into a new home and a new town but the local boy, Tyeson Dompier, who has taken a liking to her ends up making her new Southern life a nightmare in which she feels like she will never wake from. All she wants is happiness after the loss of her mother and for her and her father to be happy again.

Jason Thorton moved him and is daughter to Moon Lake Mississippi for a fresh beginning but he is forced to watch his daughter become more and more pained in this new town where it seems happiness will never find his sweet girl. He doesn't know what is going on and struggles to encourage her to give the new town and the kids at her school a chance. As he hopes things will fall into place for her he begins to notice that happiness may never find her there.

This novel is full of suspense and horror and is a great read. This emotionally charged story line will have you hanging on to every word as the horror unfolds throughout your imagination.

We are always told that everything happens for a reason and I do believe that. 

This story not only follows that line of thought but also gives the reasoning that if it was meant to happen then that is the was it will always be and no matter how far technology goes the past will forever be the same.

I'm not a werewolf fan so I put off reading this story for a long time and after reading it I'm sorry I did.

Joey never had an easy life, being mistreated and picked on and even ignored when he was in pain. Too bad they never got a chance to regret their actions.

The wound they thought was just from him being clumsy is so much more. When his world changes will the be around long enough to realize their ignorance is their downfall?

Read this awesome short and find out!

I have to admit that when I first started this novel I didn't know what direction it was going take but then I was sucked in. The flow of the story line and the development of the characters is amazing.

Karl has no idea who is turning his life upside down or why but when people start dying he knows that whoever is doing it won't stop until they get whatever it is they want. 

The reality that what this person wants is for him to no longer be alive is almost too much for him to bare. And what makes it even worse is when things start to come together and he finds out that a secret Hollywood project could hold some clue as to what is happening he is bound by secrecy and has no one to turn too.

I really enjoyed this novel and recommend it to mystery fans everywhere.

This is around 22 pages of page turning awesome!

When Brie first discovers that her temper is not only bad but truly flammable it scares her to no end but once she learns that she has no need to fear her new capabilities her live expands.

Little does Brie know that her life is about to be the happiest it has ever been. She meets Trey, the soon to be love of her life ans biggest supporter. Neither she or Trey can imagine how their life together will turn out.

From the very first page of this book I was drawn into this amazing historical world that Billie Sue Mosiman paints with her words.

My heart breaks more than once in this book for the main female character, Rose Donahue. But she is so strong that you just know that she can overcome anything that she has to endure.

The main male in this book will capture your heart with his kindness and compassion. Travis is a mighty force to be reckoned with and as his love grows he knows that his life will always be complete as long as he has the woman he loves.

The villain of this story is a non stop beast who is surprised at himself for what he is doing. But his obsession with the one he considers his will not let him stop.

When you open this book you don't read it, you hop on the wagon trail and ride along through the adventure for family, gold and a place to call home.

I have to begin by saying that I love the original Frankenstein. Being a fan of Billie Sue Mosiman I knew even before I began this book that I would be surprised by her words and once again I was not let down. 

This novelette captures you imagination from the first page and pulls you into one mans world as he hunts for Dr. Frankenstein's monster to find out once and for all if twenty years after the doctors death if his creation still lives.

This becomes his obsession. Even though he may not live to find the truth he has to push forward and know if the one creature who has haunted his mind for twenty long years lives or if it has passed in the frozen wastelands of the arctic tundra.

 What he finds and the loss he experiences is more than one man can handle and the worse thing of all is he finds out just how bad the human race can hate and fear the unknown.

Another great and fascinating read by Billie Sue Mosiman. This book not only lets you see what is going on inside the mansion walls but leads you through the pain, fear and hurt of the characters within.

I love that Billie Sue was able to bring back her character, Jack DeShane, from her novel Wireman for me being a fan of her writing and of that book it was like a sweet surprise getting to see an old friend.

This short story is very emotional from the very beginning. It starts with a man who doesn't want to sit and watch is family die and turns in to a horror that no man should ever have to face. 

I have never read a zombie story like this, where you can learn through the eyes of a dead man what it means to want to live

This outstanding collection takes you through the world of witch craft and throws a killer in the mix just for fun. These stories will engage your mind and leave you with a feeling of wonder. 

These are great stories of suspends and magic with a pretty boy thrown in just do give you the feeling of fear that will leave you wondering just who is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

I highly recommend this book of stories along with The Subway Collection book 1 if you love to have something to read on the go or in the comfort of your home. The suspense that leaps from the pages will leave you longing for more.

Prosper is a man on the edge of his life in prison who does just what needs to be done.

 I agree with Prosper, he is not an innocent man but he got the wrong end of the stick. Then there is Dr. Prentice Forbes aka Hammurabi. He is a very twisted man who gets just what he deserves.

This is a very edgy and gritty story that will in the end leave you with a feeling of both loss and justice.

Imagine living your life knowing that you are different and wondering day in and day out if there is anyone in the great wide world you can trust. How awful must it be? Are there creatures out in the world wondering the same thing?

Now imagine you found something you are starting to put your trust in, not just something but a something of the opposite sex. Something that seems to be taking care of you. Then the horror as that trust comes crashing around you as your world is turned upside down.

Yep, you get all of that and so much more within the pages of this story!

Great and fun read.