Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... William Cook

Jennifer Thomas shows her love of author William Cook.

This story had me from the beginning and held me throughout and I was at the amazing ending before I knew it!

Cassandra Morrighan thought she was just on her way to the airport when her life is turned upside down and her worse fears are made real. After a nice holiday spent with her family and another year of college in her future all this 18 year old wanted was to get to her plane on time but the Creep behind the cab wheel had other ideas. Her little attitude has already captured his attention and he knows that she will be spending a prolonged amount of time with him.

What Cassandra manages to do is truly amazing and this story is not just a horror, and it is horror don't doubt that, but it is a story of survival with a victim that keeps her head in the nightmare that has become her captivity.

Great horror short!

In true William Cook style this story is horror and anger at its finest. Please remember when you purchase this book that it is a short story. With that being said, short story or not it is amazing. I got so angry at the start of this story that I had to put my kindle down before I threw it across the room.

How much can one person handle before they break? That is a question that if any of us knew the answer to we could fix a lot of people before something bad happened but unfortunately we don't have that answer and when the parents of a 12 year old boy spend all of their time drunk just so they don't have to deal with life it is bound to go terribly wrong.

When young Jacob starts seeing the monster he had no idea how powerful it could be or how much he would grow just by being with it.


I have read this author before and I found his writing very passionate in his novel but the passion that he puts into his poems is a thing of beauty. While he is able to hold on to the darkness he has within he is also able to let other emotions seep through and shine. I was captured and drawn into this book from the first poem and was not able to put it down until I read every one.

Weather you are a lover of poetry or you are looking for something a little different to break the everyday this collection is well worth the time to read

This book takes you on a very disturbing thrill ride through the mind of one killer and the life of him and his murderous family. Killing is in the blood and mind of the entire Cunningham family. 

When you read this book it is so well written that you forget that it is fiction, but then as you read you find out that you are so glad that it is. 

The heinous acts that this family inflicted on so many innocent people, and their lack of emotion not only towards society but for each other is so sad and horrific at the same time. Each page leaves you wanting more.

I don't know what deep corner of his mind that author William Cook had find to write this book, but I am so glad he did.

If you love reading about serial killers to the mentally disturbed you will have to read this book.

Friday, 17 January 2014

My first time ever was amazing - Im talking audible books!

So this is my first ever audible book. Do I like them, oh yes, finding time to sit and listen is going to be a challenge, I am not able to pop them on whilst swimming or driving, I may end up killing myself or others!

I have left this review as written in the Audible.co.uk format, so you can see why I wrote about certain things; really made me think how this story and how its narration actually affected me. 

Chris Barnes has the most amazing voice, it carries emotion well but with a tough edge to it that really lends itself to this book. I cant completely label him just yet as this is my only audible book, so watch this space! 

 Would you listen to High Moor again? Why?
I loved how the characters came to life with the narration; the added music was really haunting and gave me chills at some points. I understand that this is an added bonus by the narrator, it certainly adds to the overall feeling of the story.

What was one of the most memorable moments of High Moor?
Some of the fight scenes were really intense and Chris Barnes really slams you back in your seat with his ferocious telling.

I did try listening whilst I was swimming but found I soon forgot to move my arms/legs which is not great for staying above water, so I retreated to the hot tub in the end and remained until I became a prune and my batt ran out. 

I cant wait to listen to High Moor 2: Moonstuck

Have you listened to any of Chris Barnes’s other performances? How does this one compare?
No, but I will definitely be looking him up for further narrations. Maybe he will lead me to new authors.

Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
Yes, lots of emotions! 
I laughed and snorted on occasion. 

One moment in the book made my throat tighten and you can tell the emotion in Chris Barnes voice too, its almost beautiful (can you say that about a hard sounding Scottish bloke?)

Then there is the gore which is only highlighted when told in this fashion, when you read yourself you can skip some of the yucky bits, not so when Chris is reading to you, you are pulled in by his voice and led through every single drip of blood and swipe of paw.

Graeme Reynolds may have created the characters and led them through the gore laden scenes, but Chris Barnes really ratcheted up the tension in my opinion.

Any additional comments?

I was riveted from the start, what a way to open a book!

Originally I was grabbed by the cover, but the story is original and fast paced.

Big chunks of the book are set in the 1980s so the referencing (which is almost OCD in accurateness) really brought my childhood back with a bang; minus the bone crunching, bone munching werewolves of course.

This has villains/bullies you hate, heroes you love... and the odd weird American! love it!
The settings are fantastically broody in some cases, but basically boil down to brutality with so much realism, its kind of gross, these are not cuddly werewolves.

Lots of back story and left open for more expansion of this interesting world. (book 2 is on the way!)

I would recommend this story to anyone that loves horror or the werewolf genre; the narration is such a juicy cherry on the top.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Ian Woodhead

In this next wonderful guest spot from Jennifer Thomas she reviews a couple of novels from the prolific, scary and weird mind of Ian Woodhead

This book was amazing... you never knew what was going to happen from one page to the next.

If you like a good horror that makes you not want to eat while you are reading, well this is it. I even found myself lifting my feet so nothing would grab my feet.

I found this to be a truly unique sci-fi horror about survival, trust and the human breaking point.

I just finished reading this books last night and I have to say it is one of the best zombie books I have ever read!!! 

The story just flows over the pages and you are able to read it like a movie playing instead of a book you are following along with. 

There is just enough description of all of the characters to let you picture them and not so much detail that you get lost. 

I love the fact that you are able to follow through the entire zombie infection from beginning to end, you don't just get bit by someone and that's the story. This is not the usual zombie book.

Thank you so much to the author for writing such a wonderful book :o)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Troll Bridge - Three Unlikely Stories by April Grey

Troll Bridge: Nina is on a cruise with her match maker Aunt, she goes for a walk to try and escape for a brief moment. Here she meets Torvald the Troll with troubles in his heart,  not to mention a sharp tongue! but Nina is kind and helps the Troll but what does she get in return? short and sweet, beautifully written and fun.

The Handler: Gina is looking after? observing? Phil, a twitching drug guinea pig that is supposed to turn him into something, but what? but who is looking out/after who? this is a rather sexually charged story with a rampant ending! not my thing really but still a good read. 

Respite: Helena finds Peter but her disabled child is an issue regards to care, she needs the respite but it never comes. As things draw to a head with her son I really felt like there would be some magical or sci fi twist but it was kind of a let down. Usually I enjoy this authors stories but this one fell flat for me, but that wont stop me reading her other works as I feel she has a real talent!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys anthology by May December Publishing

A unique anthology theme with none of your normal monsters... these are all of the human variety.

From hit men to torturers, some get away with it and some.... well... enjoy the book, I certainly did. Although think I made need some counselling as I rather empathised with some of the "bad guys"!

Chinked by Aaron Garrison: I found this a little odd in its style of writing but once I got into the swing of it I really enjoyed the flow of intelligent writing; whats not to love about an author that comments about a "priapic chair". Loved the right bad guy getting the punishment!

30 Minutes or Less by Matthew W. Williamson: not sure if you are supposed to laugh at cucumbers being used as part of a weapon of death and torture but it made me giggle. Loved the avenger aspect to this and the casual acts of "guidance"; although they did make me gag a little. The end was very fulfilling.

Silence in the Court by Chantal Boudreau: OMG this was one sad story that made my heart thump from anger - not a bad guy you want to win as you hope for the twist at the end!

Abraham of Harlon by Harley Pitts: you sort of feel this one coming but I didn't expect the slap and crash at the end!

The Caged Doll by Adam Millard: brilliant in its simplicity of story telling, so brutal, callous and a sad comment on today's society.

Candy Apple Red by Rebecca Snow: who needs monsters when the real thing walks amongst us, loved this gruesome tale of the making of a carnival fun house.

Detour by Bennie L. Newsome: this was one of my favourites, loved the snappy differing PoV. Always amazed at just what blows some peoples gaskets. Not sure who the bad guys were in this but wow.

A Twisted Garden by Joe DiBuduo & Kate Robinson: couldnt really get into this one, dont really enjoy the era and felt the obvious name drop was not required, think the authors could have alluded to it in another way. Found this one a little so so in the "horror factor".

All Things Being Equal by Ian Brazee-Cannon: could not get past the first few paragraphs due to all the animal torture... really NOT my thing.

Red Badge by John Lemut: calculated and scary, fast pacing and suspense building; really enjoyed the ending...but not sure if hit men are really bad guys? (IMO!)

Feeding The Hunger by Suzanne Robb:  love it when a story grips you from the first sentence and produces an ending you don't see coming. Really enjoyed the two sides of the table and the description of the tortures really set my stomach churning, the author really knows how to make people squirm. I was so hoping for Lara to turn the tables, but the ending was awesome!

Dear Susan by Holly Day: strange yet gripping story of a "fans" love gone wrong! Some intense emotion is displayed.

Rat Man by Nicholas Conley: didnt find this story read quite right, the flow felt wrong, could see what the author wanted to achieve but didnt pull it off IMO.... I wanted to find out why and who etc, but never did... and feel the bad guys were not the Rat Man.

Eighteen by Joseph Schwartzy: what a way to end an anthology, was he really a bad guy? not til the last kill, and he paid for that.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Jaime Johnesse

Jaime Johnesee is reviewed by my guest blogger Jennifer Thomas.

One never knows who they meet online, just as a person never knows what mental state another person is in at any one point of their life.

When Martin Gregory meets the love of his life on an online dating site he feels that his life is finally complete. 

Alas it is not meant to be because his life is turned upside down by the demons that have come to ruin his life and take away the one person who he has grown to love and cherish.

But the one thing this story makes you ask is who has the demons within and from where do they come?

Another great read by Jaime Johnesee that takes you into the human mind and leaves you thinking and wondering..

This was such a great and unique read. 

When you think about reading a book or story on shape shifters you usually think of werewolves or a person who can change into many different animals but Jaime Johnesee takes you through a life were there are people in the world who live with one animal within them and are not feared by their normal neighbors and are loved by their friends. 

Not only do you get a great shape shifting story but in the within these pages you get a wonderful investigation of a serial killer who needs to be captured. 

The horror he inflicts upon his victims will make you feel the disgust and make you want this evil to pay for what he has done. 

The main character, Samantha Reese, is someone you are able to relate too and you want her to do everything with her powers to stop this horrible man before he can causes the death of yet another innocent life.

I was able to feel the emotions from the Sam as she fights for the innocents all while wanting to find her origins and understand who she is. She wants what many of us want from life, understanding and love.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a great mystery with a bit of a spin and a touch of horror.

This is an amazing short story that will open your eyes to mental illness and make you wonder if some of the doctors who work with these people really know what they are getting into. 

This is a fictional story but gives you the feeling that this is something that could happen. This story is incredibly well written and I promise after you read it you will be looking for more by this outstanding author, Jamie Johnesee.

This collection of short stories only leaves you wanting more. 

There is so much death throughout this book but it is not a gruesome and disturbing book.

It is very well written and even gives you incite into the mind of some of the killers in this wonderful suspenseful book. 

I can assure you that each story in this collection is so different from the one before that your mind gets a never ending thrill ride that Jamie Johnesee is able to paint for you and take your imagination as close to the horror as you can get.

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Drunken Exorcist by K. Trap Jones

I found this awesome author in an anthology and really fancied reading something a bit longer. Well this was it! A novella but fully fledged.

KTJ makes great use of analogies, which really lends some humour to this very stomach churning gore laden tale of a Priest who has a unique way of exorcising demons.

Told in the style of  diary entries with some retrospect comments, entry after entry seems to up the grossness. 

The whole novella is relentless but the ending was a total rush of revealing horrors.

Fantastically written, not a dot out of place, cant wait for more by this author. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Of A Feather by Ken Goldman

I was given this book as an ARC (advanced reader copy) and at first I was really reluctant, as just how scary could a book about birds be?

Hadn’t Hitchcock kind of corned that market?

Well now! I was so tense at the end I gave myself neck ache!  

Ken Goldman is brilliant in his ability to hook you in and dribble the story at you until you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the tense finale.

I can’t wait to actually BUY this book for my collection.

Socrates Singer, the main character, has a strange introduction into the book, as the boy picked out to help in the audience participation section of a County bird show, things soon go a little off skew. 

Socrates, or Sock to his (lack of) friends, has problems; school bullies & weird dreams being the most prominent. However, his relationship with his sister Doris is wonderful and KG manages to capture the banter without the mush.
I loved all the short but succinct back stories to each character such as Doc Wiggins, the owner of the bird emporium, and Black Eagle the old Indian Chief who plays a small but powerful role in the following story.

Gert the Pigeon Lady and the story of Gustav the pigeon was really very touching and if you want to find out more about this story please go here Gustav; RG clearly has a great love for birds.

Little Frankie, a villain in the story, is especially cruel and  I did have a hard time with the animal torture/killing stuff, usually I would stop reading as I just can’t do it, but this had such a strong story line..... And I soon felt that the birds would ultimately get the upper hand so was overjoyed at the murders and attacks!

The first murder of the crows (pun intended) is gruesome, gory, bloody and wonderful but I did wonder how the story would progress with its main villain out of commission, but not all is as it first appears.

There is a real sense of humour running through the characters, which lightens the darkest moments of the story. eg the Bird Poop incident which had me giggling later in the story when described from a different point of view and comments such as  “Frankie was no idiot, although the turnip truck never seemed far behind.”

KG is very good at the suspense element of this feathered thriller and he does very well to make all the characters grow and change in believable ways. I loved the sedge ways into other view points, this was cleverly done and gave a great insight and perspective into other parts of the story.

Lots of strong but peripheral characters add to the advancing story, such as Uncle Ned, Little Frankie’s uncle, what a charming and great role model he is; not

The depth of all of KGs characters comes up on you subtly. Each one adding just small elements which go from bad to worse as the plot thickens on this race-along thriller with a horror twist.

As KG pushes you towards the climactic ending and initially I thought the ending was a bit blah until I followed through with the epilogue, what a wonderful way to bring all the bits and people together, every single loose end was tied, and the final, final ending was outstanding.