Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... William Cook

Jennifer Thomas shows her love of author William Cook.

This story had me from the beginning and held me throughout and I was at the amazing ending before I knew it!

Cassandra Morrighan thought she was just on her way to the airport when her life is turned upside down and her worse fears are made real. After a nice holiday spent with her family and another year of college in her future all this 18 year old wanted was to get to her plane on time but the Creep behind the cab wheel had other ideas. Her little attitude has already captured his attention and he knows that she will be spending a prolonged amount of time with him.

What Cassandra manages to do is truly amazing and this story is not just a horror, and it is horror don't doubt that, but it is a story of survival with a victim that keeps her head in the nightmare that has become her captivity.

Great horror short!

In true William Cook style this story is horror and anger at its finest. Please remember when you purchase this book that it is a short story. With that being said, short story or not it is amazing. I got so angry at the start of this story that I had to put my kindle down before I threw it across the room.

How much can one person handle before they break? That is a question that if any of us knew the answer to we could fix a lot of people before something bad happened but unfortunately we don't have that answer and when the parents of a 12 year old boy spend all of their time drunk just so they don't have to deal with life it is bound to go terribly wrong.

When young Jacob starts seeing the monster he had no idea how powerful it could be or how much he would grow just by being with it.


I have read this author before and I found his writing very passionate in his novel but the passion that he puts into his poems is a thing of beauty. While he is able to hold on to the darkness he has within he is also able to let other emotions seep through and shine. I was captured and drawn into this book from the first poem and was not able to put it down until I read every one.

Weather you are a lover of poetry or you are looking for something a little different to break the everyday this collection is well worth the time to read

This book takes you on a very disturbing thrill ride through the mind of one killer and the life of him and his murderous family. Killing is in the blood and mind of the entire Cunningham family. 

When you read this book it is so well written that you forget that it is fiction, but then as you read you find out that you are so glad that it is. 

The heinous acts that this family inflicted on so many innocent people, and their lack of emotion not only towards society but for each other is so sad and horrific at the same time. Each page leaves you wanting more.

I don't know what deep corner of his mind that author William Cook had find to write this book, but I am so glad he did.

If you love reading about serial killers to the mentally disturbed you will have to read this book.