Saturday, 28 November 2015

Next on the very special That Ghoul Ava

Ava is back with SASS! and a multitude of pop culture references; which are great to work out or memory joggers.

When she meets a tall dark stranger, with knobs on! in the park another adventure begins.

This time she is whisked off to Texas with some new and strange critters, I love the way TWB brings his own version of things to current "fictional" creatures

She also discovers a new skill as her head starts to fill with voices. This, of course, brings its own hilarity.

However, there is an underlying darkness to her situation and even through Ava thinks of herself as more the butter than the sharp knife she is great at sorting out problems that seem to surround and gravitate towards her.

Not quite left on a precipice but I was left staring down the mountain of a cliff-hanger; I am thankful I have the next instalment to hand.

The flashbacks to movies, songs and tv programmes are a hoot and the chapter titles are a joy all their own.

RARARARA that’s me shaking my pompoms for this brilliant series.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bloodfellas by Jasper Bark & Mick Trimble

This is my first ever Graphic Novel and I have to say I loved it so much I am going to buy the paperback version for my shelf. The detail in the visuals is amazing.

Wonderful drawing and illustration by Mick Trimble really brought the story to life visually, allowing JB to concentrate on the very intricate, complex and well thought out story.

Papa Sangs is trying to build a gateway to Heaven so he can be…. Well what do all Mob Bosses want!

With the help of two Angels, two love struck Zombies, one scientist and a whole load of mobsters’ zombies!

All the main characters are strangely connected which comes to fruition right in the last few pages.

There is a strong undercurrent of religion in this story but it helped rather than hindered the story flow.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dying Days 5 by Armand Rosamilia

The story starts off with a group of survivors stuck in a restaurant toilet being taunted by a group of zombies, one of those people is Mitchell, who eventually opens the door to The Lich Lord and listens to his proposal. AR is very clever in almost summing up the last four books in one little speech from this “fella”.

This continues to be a zompoc with a difference as this particular zombie keeps getting faster, more cunning, nastier and definitely smarter, not to mention shifting his appetite preferences.  The Lich Lord is expanding not only his empire but his abilities but what is his end goal?

Back in the Daytona Beach camp Veronica is working hard on keeping things running whilst loathing and doubting Jeff, so is Claude who is “promoted” to refugee coordinator; a job that sounds, from Jeff’s version, very much like the Third Reich’s ideal sorting plan. Jeff is a horrific character but totally believable, sadly.

Our “heroine” Darlene continues to recover from her horrific birth and loss. With a lot of help from an unexpected source. Her baby is not yet safe and so many factions have plans for him.

There are some really harsh deaths in this book, especially as I had started to care about them, clever writing AR but cruel.

The ending is climactic but of course leaves you wanting more, bring it on.

Initially I will be the first to admit I was very unsure of this series with its hard than diamond girls, their thongs and the sexually rampant zombies BUT AR has evolved (like his zombies) and his writing is much more articulate, eloquent, plot stuffed, character laden and all manner of other wonderful things, so yes, I am now a huge fan of these books and the author.

Dying Days 4 by Armand Rosamilia

Number four in the Dying Days saga and AR does not disappoint with his zombies becoming weirder!

Not only are ARs zombies eating and raping people now they are thinking, plotting, ambushing, arming themselves and usually more funny when they talk than most comedians.

But it’s not just humans they are hunting, some want the other “new” zombies dead too, and to rule over humankind!

Poor pregnant Darlene, her love John and his dad, Murph, are still on the run after the stilt houses were burnt to the sea.

Jeff and Russ are still side hands to the Lich Lord who has all sorts of nastiness planned but in a god like fashion. Yes, it’s “safe” living under his rule but at what cost? Blood…. For he has certainly evolved again, but into what.

Doug and Ernie (aka the Cowboy!) reminded me of Statler and Waldorf (you remember, the Muppets!), their storyline is very satisfying.

Whilst every group seems to be focused on finding Darlene and her baby, the gore, dark humour and plot lines progress really well in the rotating fashion that sees each group from differing angles.

There is one or two passages in the book that really made me want to turn veggie. AR has certainly nailed current society does to a tee in this book via the “intelligent” zombie practices, observations, plans and rants. It’s quite grotesque.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to no.5 – which is available NOW!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

A-Z of Horror (K, L & M) By Iain Rob Wright

An old man is dragged out from his burning house, but he is not thankful to the heroic firefighter. What follows on is a strange mix of “batty old man” and possible blood curse.

IRW leaves you guessing right to the very end. As dead people started piling up around the central character I did have to smirk at some of the OTT deaths. Not sure if intentional but it did make me giggle in that nervous way at the casualness of it all.

Loved the quotes at the beginning of the book. Made me want to watch Hocus Pocus again.

It’s all happy families until there is a knock at the door, IRW really did fantastically well to the build the tension in this short story.

I enjoyed this story as could not tell where it would end up, eventually the ending was fantastic! I found the family dynamic and the fathers thoughts were very realistic, if shocking.

So very tongue in cheek, an hysterical giggle from start to finish.

The joys of fan love as IRW gets a visit from an unhinged fan! Bit close to home this one for me, as I have wasted many an hour camped out in various authors shed, but never thought to order pizza – way to go Matty-Bob.

I was snorting and giggling through this story and it was really great to see IRW humorous side.

Loved the Misery reference and I’m sure there were many more that I missed as IRW is so clever in adding little bits like that, just see the blurb to Last Winter, sorry Final Winter!

Btw Matty-Bob I DO love IRW more than you, so ner!