Saturday, 28 November 2015

Next on the very special That Ghoul Ava

Ava is back with SASS! and a multitude of pop culture references; which are great to work out or memory joggers.

When she meets a tall dark stranger, with knobs on! in the park another adventure begins.

This time she is whisked off to Texas with some new and strange critters, I love the way TWB brings his own version of things to current "fictional" creatures

She also discovers a new skill as her head starts to fill with voices. This, of course, brings its own hilarity.

However, there is an underlying darkness to her situation and even through Ava thinks of herself as more the butter than the sharp knife she is great at sorting out problems that seem to surround and gravitate towards her.

Not quite left on a precipice but I was left staring down the mountain of a cliff-hanger; I am thankful I have the next instalment to hand.

The flashbacks to movies, songs and tv programmes are a hoot and the chapter titles are a joy all their own.

RARARARA that’s me shaking my pompoms for this brilliant series.