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Jennifer Thomas reviews.... Bernard Lee DeLeo

Bernard Lee DeLeo  gets the full focus of guest blogger Jennifer Thomas.

When you look at the title of this book here on Amazon it tell you that John Harding is a many that has many talents.

It tells you he is a Special Ops Marine, CIA Agent and Cage Fighter but it don't tell you that he is a caring man who protects his friends, neighbours and the people he loves, he is a man who has the heart to stand in as a father figure to a young man who reminds him of him self and that he is a passionate lover who's love for red headed women can cause him more trouble than he cares to admit.

This is a wonderful read that flows well and also has characters that you will both love and hate. The humor is excellent, the romance that slides right into the story is alluring and the action is captivating. I have to admit that there were a couple of fight scenes in this novel that had me hanging on the edge of my seat and I actually got so excited with one outcome that I screamed out loud with joy. Silly I know but that just goes to show how drawn into the story I was able to get.

This is a great read and I highly recommend it!

From the very beginning I was drawn into the words and found this book so very hard to put down even to sleep at times. 

Even though this is a fictional novel the characters became so real to me that I feared for then when the action started. The array of characters is truly amazing and the development of each personality was phenomenal.

One of my favorite things about this book is the family factor. Most of the characters have a mutual trust and love that I have never read before. It is so hard to classify this book because it has a bit of everything meshed together that makes it, in my opinion, a one of a kind.

 If you decide to get this book you will find out just what I mean. There were times I laughed to hard that I had my family looking at me like I had lost my mind and other times where I was crying so hard I couldn't see the words for the tears.

As I read and learned about the main character, Peace, I could not help but to fall in love with him. He is everything a leading character should be and so much more.

I can not recommend this book enough to anyone who enjoys being pulled into a novel and have their attention held captive from beginning to end.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Blood Under The Mistletoe by Blaze McRob

No Joyful Noise by Blaze McRob: John now lives a in a cave after the plague has come. He manages to sustain his needs and many others follow him due to his skills in finding food. As it is Xmas Eve, they decide to sing carols to earn their supper from those that live in the houses, above ground,  protected and safe; but this is a horror book, expect a twist in the tale!

Blood Mass by Blaze McRob: The church is ready for Mass but is hung-over Monsignor Alfonse? He ponders the strange country wide murders that are going on, bodies that are drained of blood, over his thick, black coffee? As he stumbles in to church to take the offering of "blood and body" he soon finds out what is going on.

A Christmas Slaying by Lisa McCourt Hollar: Lisa awakes in her bed, stumbles for her first drink of the morning and gets berated by her husband, then her son decides to make her morning even worse by showing her his uniquely decorated xmas tree.....what makes this gory? well lets just say it has my favourite line in the whole book. He began singing, "Deck the halls with bowels of Holly..." !!

In Elf Defence by Jeffrey Hollar: Oisin, the Elf, is a member of the Alfar Special Forces unit. The Snowmen are attacking, Santa is well..... Santa is something! and the Elves are committing suicide, something must be done. This is one of the best xmas horror stories I have EVER read, its cleverly thought out, well written and funny but in a ghastly way, not to mention the amazing use of words.

Ghoul Yule by Blaze McRob: poor Torget he cannot celebrate the xmas festivities, he is sad and alone, but that's what being a dead flesh munching ghoul will do to your social life. All he wants is a nice cold beer.

A Zombie Christmas by Lisa McCourt Hollar: Jenny, Dale & Danielle; surviving as a thrown together family after the zombies have come. A xmas wish is made and Mum tries her best to fulfil it, now if only Santa would deliver too.  Another very comical view of the apocalypse.

Claus and Effect by Jeffrey Hollar: Santa is an alien, I knew it! Close to the knuckles of decency in this story but riveting nonetheless. I'm sure there is some moral tale in all this horror but I just enjoyed another well thought out world with every little detail accounted for.

No Time For Holidays by Blaze McRob:  who are the real monsters in this tale of transformation.

Christmas in Hell by Lisa McCourt Hollar: Thomas has done some very bad things; was he a man made monster or a natural quirk? Who cares? in Hell, nobody.

Presents of Mind by Jeffrey Hollar: a man and his unique take on xmas and gift giving, it's all in the preparation and it's the thought that counts, right?

He Sees You When You're Shopping by Blaze McRob: OMG this was horrific!

The End to Christmas by Lisa McCourt Hollar: toys are not being made fast enough and elf stew is on the menu, as a riot ensues and teddy bear parts go flying this is one messed up Santa's Grotto.

Overlooked by Blaze McRob: the poor, murderous Blue Spruce, all he wants is a bit of tinsel.

Retribution by Blaze McRob:  a Demon? The Devil? Is given an xmas eve gift of rampage, and he certainly enjoys it! A shudder to end on!

Blaze McRob is so rich in his story telling you are absorbed into his little, horror filled worlds, only to raise your head at the end of each story to gasp for breath and check your surroundings.

Lisa McCourt Hollar is very concise in her writing, she also has this marvelous sense of humour wrapped up in the horror she writes.

Jeffrey Hollar writes in a genre all his own, somewhere between horror and sci-fi with some fantasy thrown in for good chewing. He has such an expanse vocabulary that it is exciting to read the words let alone the fantastic stories he tells.

There are some “beautiful” bits of art throughout the book too, so thank you Thomas Arensberg.

Riley 4 by Mark Tufo

There is so much going on in this final opening chapter of the Riley, Ben Ben and Patches saga into the zombie apocalypse…. Poor Riley, but the new chant is “what would Riley do” for those that love the ZF series, who needs Talbot!

The wonderful memory of Santa is brought back to bop you on the nose. But, of course, all of that warm fuzzy feeling is negated with Icely in charge, talk about a pantomime villain.

Loved the comment from Icely that Riley had read the book Art of War.

MT really knows how to put your heart through the ringer as one danger looms after another, the Man vs Dog scene was nail biting.

Some great references to ZF: Lycan Fallout in her dreams.

Memories of Bear…..a fresh reunion and then such a sad death.
I damn near cried my eyes out at the ending of this brilliant series, fantastic.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Zombie Armageddon Books 1-3 by Ian Woodhead

Ian Woodhead now has a brilliant new editor and she is beginning to make his books shine like they should, so if you come across typos etc don't worry they will be gone soon!

IW has some great, fresh ideas that he brings to the zombie story genre.

Wham! What a great way to start a horror book with some poor bloke, who I secretly hated (!), getting his manly bits bitten off!

If you are squeamish or scared of swearing then this author and series of books is NOT for you! 

Set "up North" in the UK, it's rough and tough stuff, and I'm pleased to note that he does not dumb  his dialogue down for others to understand; if you don't get a certain phrase, look it up, haha and eeew will spring to mind often!

Personally I thought the death and reanimation timings were a little too fast.

Amongst the general goings on of a zompoc are these weird, not so wonderful, characters - such as Dennis who goes on a full serial killer jaunt whilst loving the impending apocalypse.

A few sporadic little personal stories that usually don't end well gave me a sense of fullness to the whole story, such as poor Jacob, to be finally socially acceptable only to succumb to parental control. 

IW is a master at creating some really detestable characters and his gore descriptions are enough to make you wince. In his world nobody is perfect and we all have a little edge to us, especially if the zombies start to invade (although I would like to point out I have never buried anyone locally!)

As the remaining survivors meet up the tensions are high and IW leaves this book on a real cliffhanger.

What is following them? Will Dennis survive his encounter? Is his theory correct?

I really enjoyed the British element such as the snooker cues must be used against zombies instead of just an endless supply of bullets (the world is ended where are they all coming from?)

This book romped, or should that be groaningly shuffled, along with good pace, I am so looking forward to rest in this series.

IW has the ability with his writing skill to make you love or loathe his characters, with the reality and emotions that he gives them.

He reminds me of the late, great James Herbert in his character building; devoting a whole chapter to a back story only to kill them off in some gruesome way but still managing to add to the story in a subtle way.

This second book throws a whole new twist into the mix, a new breed of zombie? The character of Talbot has a nasty thread but where will it lead?

This time IW concentrates most of the action on a small night club, which has amazing pies, made me hungry! Very random.

New people are thrown into the mix and the clashing of personalities brings a new element to the story.

The final showdown is pretty tense and the outcome is another cliffhanger moment begging you to read book no.3.

I did wonder why there was no mention of the group of survivors from book no.1

In true IW style you are plunged straight back in to the gore.

This is yet another angle on the zombie outbreak based around the Breakspear housing estate, this time focused on the "posh" apartment block; The Mill.

Again, lots of character based action and how different people react to the Armageddon zombie style; some thrive and some do not!

The unique twist that is the "possible" evolution of the zombie, or at least another strain, is again bubbled to the surface with the strange, yet beautiful Alex and her minions - Dennis (?Wheatly), Vincent (?Price) and Christopher (?Lee); did IW just make a massive nod the horror greats?

As the two groups make their way towards each other for a munch and kill showdown the undead are merely the side show.

The ending is abrupt but IW explains that this is that all three books can be read as stand alone novels, but entice you to read book no.4 which brings all the groups together!

or you can save yourself some money and buy ALL three books plus a bonus content ....

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A few silly questions and Whispers review with Heath Stallcup

 Heath Stallcup describes himself as born in California and raised in Oklahoma, he joined the Navy shortly after junior college and after his second tour he attended East Central University and obtained BS degrees in Biology and Chemistry.

If that wasn’t enough service to his country and fellow man he went on to serve ten years with the State of Oklahoma as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer while moonlighting nights and weekends with the local Sheriff's Office.

He continues to live in the small town of Tupelo, Oklahoma with his (long suffering) wife and three of his seven kids (although the older ones move in and out like we have a revolving door!). Professional grandfather to five and cheerleader for his, beloved, girls.

Oh yeah, and he is an avid lover of English Bulldogs, but every time they try to add one to their family some evil SOB dognaps him. 

You can find him on FB or hanging around on Twitter or annoy the socks off of him by commenting on all his blogs HS blog.

Author of the Monster Squad series he has also written Whispers a beautful, yet scary ghost story set partly in the Old West and in modern day.

But before we get to my review here are some silly questions I made him answer, and it only took a few thumb twists!

What is your favourite sandwich? Drink? Chocolate/candy bar? (you can just pick one if you like!)
Oh, you want to get personal, eh?  LOL, okay.  Favorite sammich is anything with pastrami.  A Rueben, a Pastrami & Swiss on Rye.  Pastrami with spicy brown mustard on a hard roll.  Wow, now I’m hungry.

Favorite drink is COFFEE.  Favorite cold drink would be sweet iced tea.
Candy bar?  I’m not really a sweet eater, but…I’d have to pick a Payday.

Do you have a favourite place to write?
I have this dream of eventually getting my den back and putting my brand new desk in there and making the whole room into a sort of pseudo man-cave.  I have to share it with my wife though.  She’s a music teacher and has collected a TON of instruments over the years.  And I have to put a futon in there for my son to crash on when he’s home from college.  But, eventually, hopefully, it will be my quiet place to write.  Before that, it was the dining room table.  Since we moved, the dining room is open to the living room and with seven kids and five grandkids, the TV is always going and turned WAY too loud.  Writing has suffered.  Miserably.

Who or What is your personal favourite character/novel?
My favorite has been Whispers.  I can’t put my finger on exactly ‘why’.  Maybe because fans and friends volunteered to be characters in the book.  Maybe because it wasn’t part of a series.  Maybe because it started in the Old West.  I don’t know, but it was my fave.  My wife will tell you that Caldera is her favorite.  You’ll have to wait until March to find out who is right.

If you had a theme track, what would it be?
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.  Either that or ‘Kiss the Girl’ from The Little Mermaid…

If you were to write  your “memoirs”  who would play you and key members of your life in the televised series?
If John Candy hadn’t passed in 1994, I’d have chosen him.  I guess now I’d have to choose another big, sweet, funny blonde(ish) guy…wait.  This is Hollywood and they always screw stuff up.  Let’s go with Chris Hemsworth.  Yeah.  Chris Hemsworth.  He’s me.

And back to silly, if you could have any supernatural power what would it be?
Just one?  Wow.  Way to be stingy.  Can I be Superman?  That way, I’m fast, strong, have x-ray vision and can fly.  We can just do away with the whole ‘kryptonite’ thing…

I always enjoy the forward and dedication but this one was funny and heart felt; it explains that all the characters are real names are of fans, friends or family, hopefully nowhere near their real personalities but it does give some bite to the reading.

The opening chapter has to be one of the most heart rending ever.

Set in the Old Wild West, the local Sheriff and his sweetheart are caught up in a gang issue; the final paragraph sets the scene as you are thrust into modern day Texas.

The basic premise of love lost and a vengeful ghost is not something I would normally have picked up, but this author is so brilliant in his other books I had to give it ago and oh boy am I glad I did.

HS characters have such a depth to them that they feel like real people, they have flaws, they show feelings and you can believe in them.

There are several groups that HS sets out very well from the beginning and then slowly brings them altogether for the final by then each have their own dynamics and focus on the goings on.

Roger and Casper are the local drug addicts, grave robbers, criminal dimwits and comedy act! If Burke and Hare were to do a comedy show, this would be them!

Jerrod Miller is an arsehole and HS gets his “snob” element so perfectly.

The local law enforcement team draws you into their comradely and HS excels in giving you some lingo without confusing or boring you.

Late into the story come the Scooby Doo club and they were my favourite group in how they all interacted, the sexual tension was fabulous and the love scenes were great, notice I say love scenes and not sex, there are some of those but the love is definitely foremost.

The odd random, stand-alone character is there to just round out the edges.

The opening chapter sets the scene for the book, from there you are brought forward to some horrific murders and HS does not shy away from describing them in awesome, gory detail. 

As a reader I was able to see the whole picture but not have all the reasons why, so it was intense reading to see how all the characters reacted to the bits they could see or control.

As the information is given to you piece by piece the tension mounts as to what will happen next, who is next on the kill list.

The little side issues were great add ins and I really enjoy when the local Dr rips and rants at the elected nobody about 2/3 in!

My only grrr moment was lifting the tomb stone off, it took five big, strong policemen the second time but only two skinny drug addicts the first?  But for a book that took me over 6hrs to read (in two sittings) to only have one gripe is rather amazing.

I was enraptured throughout, HS has a way of making you lose yourself and time into another world.

The ending was expected but with a few last minute twists and great follow up chapters.  I shut the book with a feeling of relief for all my favourite characters but sadness that it was all over.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews...... Iain Rob Wright

Another wonderful guest post by Jennifer Thomas, she is a great fan of indie authors, this time she is able to give us a good insight into Iain Rob Wright.

This was by far one of the best suspense books on demonic possession I have ever has the pleasure of reading. 

The characters are well detailed and you are able to feel the emotion of each one in their roll in the story.

You have it all while reading, a rich and powerful family with a life that has been turned upside down, the man who is their to debunk the fact that evil is at fault and an unlikely priest who not only feels she has lost her path but has her own issues to deal with as she does her best to help young Sammie.

Then to top it all off you have the story twist you will never forget!!

If you like suspense, horror or you are looking for a read you won't be able to put down I highly recommend this novel.

This novel draws you in and the suspense keeps you there. I have never read an apocalyptic book like this one. 

Not only do you get to know the characters but the story allows you to under stand Heaven and Hell through this authors writing.

Hard to believe you could ever be safe in a bar full of scared and angry drunks, right? That is the only safe place left as the world as the characters with in know it.

Warning, if you are sensitive to violence then this book is not for you.

Iain Rob Wright paints a picture through his words of extreme terror and helplessness throughout this entire book. 

What would you do if you suddenly became the victim of a disturbed teenage boy and his friend for no other reason than that he don't like your face? 

How would you feel to have to sit and watch your entire family be tortured for the pleasure of some gang? 

Well pick up this book and live this exact horror through the eyes of Andrew Goodman. This man who has always done his best to be nice to people and never make an enemy in his life. A good hard working man who loves his wife and daughter more than life itself.

Then meet Frankie, a very disturbed young man who hates as much as Andrew loves.

This is a great horror book that will leave you feeling thankful for the love of your family and friends and will also leave you feeling like you have just been through an emotional tornado. 

There were points in this book where I was so afraid to turn the page that I just had to put the book down for a few minutes. I recommend this book for anyone who loves to hang on the edge of their page while reading, but please keep in mind that this book does contain a LOT of violence. 

Please keep that in mind before you get this wonderfully well written book.

This novella is 130 pages but the flow of the words make it fly by, in a good way. 

Jeremy has found himself in a world full of people who are sick and melting. This novella is not as gruesome as you would think. 

There are a few parts that made me cringe, but this book is very well written. I just wish there was a little more to Jeremy's life.

This is an enjoyable read for all horror fans.

Wow!!!! This book is a not stop adrenalin pumping thrill ride of horror and suspense. 

Imagine if you will every animal in the entire world tuning on humans, not just the big bad animals but the cute and fluffy ones as well. Then to make matters worse what if you are stuck with a group of people in a zoo!!!!

All Joe wants to do is protect his son and his new found friends from danger but there is not only madness all around him from the animals but some of the people he is hold up with are borderline insane.

This is an outstanding book with such addictive writing that you will not be able to put it down, and to add to the awesomeness of the book the bonus content is just as good as the book it's self. This is a must read for any horror lover.

I want to give a special thanks to the author Iain Rob Wright. I am so happy to have read your wonderful work and I want to say thank you very much for writing such a wonderful horror that kept my imagination on edge from beginning to end

Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Poor Mans Stuffing by Ian Woodhead

What child doesnt dream that their toys are alive - for me, my bear is still my confidant (@40+yrs old!).

To have him protect me like Mr Patch does Lisa - well!!! brilliantly written story! kept me thinking for ages!

Funny in its childish view point but heart warming enough to get you over the horror of toys having WMD!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews.... Christine Sutton

Christine Sutton gets the special review treatment from my guest blogger Jennifer Thomas.

This is one gripping short story! From the beginning the characters have depth and are well developed, you are able to feel the fear and anger as it leaps from the pages.

Arthur thinks he can keep his life secret from his friends and co workers. He never thought he would be caught red handed by anyone for his evil deeds but then on one little elevator ride his life is turn upside down. 

You many be able to hide from the living but the devil will always know.

If you are a reader of horror or serial killer fiction then this book will be right up your alley. 

From the start I was pulled into the story and by the time I got to 30% I was completely pulled in and could not put it down until I had finished the entire thing. 

As will all of Christine Sutton's writing there were some very emotional parts in this book for me. She has a way of really giving you characters that you can both love and hate and Prodigal son is no exception. 

This is one of those books where you feel there is just so much I want to go on about but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

I will leave you with a couple of question that stays in my mind as the end of this book was in site; Is a person born with darkness and hate in their heart or is it put there as time grows and they have no one to love and care for them? 
How much abuse can a person take before they loose their minds?

Outstanding horror read!

Once I started this wonderful, suspenseful and fun book I could not put it down!! I was drawn in and with every word I had to read more. 

Christine Sutton takes your imagination on a fascinating and wonderful adventure as you get to know Kayla Burkheart and what kind of life she was forced to lead with a mother that is more than you will ever expect and more evil than you can imagine.

I love fairy tales and in reading this series I was drawn in and reminded as to why I enjoy them so very much.

This is a must read if you are a fan of werewolves, vampire, horror or suspense. If you love fairy tales or if you just love a wonderful book that has great flow and a world you can get caught up in.

In this collection of four short stories you will be taken through so many levels of fear it is crazy. 

Christine Sutton takes you not only into the minds of the killers in her stories but into their wants and their fears.

I think the scariest part of all of these stories is the simple fact that Christine give you ideas of what can really happen and what really goes on in the world we live in. 

These are very emotional and enjoyable stories to read.

If you like haunting and ghost stories this book is for you.

 It was a well written good read. It had the suspense to keep you reading and a story line that holds your attention. 

I do not read a lot of haunting books but I am glad I took the time to read this one. Christine Sutton has quite a way with words.

 Because this book has to do with the loss of life of children and babies it was a bit of a heart breaker for me but a good book is a good book that is all there is too it.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews.....Leigh M. Lane

On this next installment of guest post from Jennifer Thomas she casts her keen eye on the lovely Leigh M. Lane

From the very first sentence of this book your mind is held captive by the astounding writing held within the pages.

Lady Karina is filled with sadness as her husband Brantley not only takes her away from the life she knows and loves but takes her away to a place that takes away her sanity. Between the nightmares and the mental abuse she goes through you can not help but feel her pain.

If you want to send your mind into a whirlwind of horror, terror and fear this book is just what you need!!! I am so happy to have read it. Leigh M. Lane has a way with words that pull you right into the story and you will be held there until the end.

This is one suspenseful and powerful book, once I started it was too scary how believable this story could turn out to be. Illness is all over and there seems to be a new strain of the flu every couple of years. 

It has even gotten to the point that some doctors are afraid to prescribe antibiotics at times. This is one of those books where you sit back and wonder how far into the future we can go before something like this can really happen. 

The government in this book and all of their control was very implied but never went over board and did play a big role in the story but it was never too overbearing.

Now I will talk about the story within the story and they are known as the Irwin family.

The author did an amazing job of bringing the characters too life for you imagination to be able to grasp each one and see though their eyes and feel the emotions as there life goes from as normal and any other Corporate Segregate family. Even though over the last few months there has been more problems with the outsiders "deviants" George never knew how fast his life could change for the worse.

After his wife, Virginia, was infected by an unknown disease and put in the hospital life as the Irwin family just ceased to exist in any normal fashion.
This is a highly emotional and compelling book and I recommend it to any one who loves a good suspense, family tragedy or government take over.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Where You Live by Gary MacMahon

Gary McMahon does a really nice forward and even manages to throw in a random story!

GM has a beautiful way of writing, so descriptive, some embedded humour that you merely smirk at before he whaps you around the face with a dead fish or two. 

My favourite line in the whole book is; baked beans were like angels‟ eggs bursting against his teeth.

Just Another Horror Story: two illicit lovers begin to tell ghost stories post coitus and it’s a gruesome one indeed, then she finds the Horror Stories book, from there it all goes a bit pear shaped. A strange ending but a gripping story. 

Barcode: Patrick and Sophie get that dreaded phone call from the bank….they are about to lose their house, just as he sees a ghost? walk past the window. His money worries stem from his failing business and made worse by the need to lay off staff and his latest job gives him more to worry about. Things go from bad to worse as he ends up with a defining dream….. Not sure about this story I was really enjoying it, not something I would do with a ghost story normally but GM kept the pace fast and unrelenting, then it sort of drops of a cliff. I reread the last paragraph in case I missed something, but nope, maybe I just don’t get it.

The Row: the narrator is on Sebastian Street to survey the row of derelict houses that have a history; mutilated bodies, missing children, drug addicts, ghosts and spooks.  Soon he begins to get strange feelings, dreams and eventually nightmares about The Row at Sebastian Street.  Ghostly houses; different, just not my thing, the ending was definitely spooky though.

When One Door Closes: poor Nick, no job, no chances and Annie has started to read The Guardian! Then doors start to shut on him, whilst quite amusing to start with you wonder if he will be stuck in a lift for the rest of his life; or his he just losing his marbles?   GM has a really great way of writing a riveting story but I am finding the endings lacking, almost like he can’t be bothered to finish them. OR I’m just too stupid to get this style of writing/horror story.

The Chair: poor young Ben longing for his Father and having only a drunken Mother to love him, and dish out the pills. Then came The Chair. Despite having the best line of the book in it, this story felt unfinished for me, I wanted more.

Truth Hurts: Cal has cracks in his body and Barbara dreams of orange trees…… just weird! But so wonderful.

Down: an observation between teacher and pupils as they slowly go missing in a dark cave. What is dripping? Where are the cave dwelling critters?  Either my coffee just kicked in or these stories are getting weirder! And it’s all brilliant.

Sounds Weird: a really sad look at life in this one, whilst the main character tries to work out what is on the mp3 player the whole world seems to go upside-down. Yup the coffee has definitely kicked in. This book is well laid out with its stories as you feel yourself softly, softly slide down the rabbit hole, and then given a shove by GM.

The Table: Ben arrives home to find a table. As the pieces slowly filter in it becomes clear that this is the Ben with the pills and The Chair – now the story can be finished. What a sad, sad ending.
The Sheep: Bill, Hannah, the wellie boot and the dirty, itchy sheep. GM guides you round a bed in the rabbit warren he has created and this little story drives you to distraction with its accurate relationship observations and then final offering.

Small Things: Sheila is driving in a no man’s land, her daughter is plugged in to the latest game, the radio is playing static, who is following them? Who cares? It’s all down to the Small Things. Oh, a spooky tale – very staccato in its telling making you rush to the end and then wishing you hadn’t. 

It Knows Where You Live:  another disintegrating relationship type of story with some great observations about a couple who barely know each other anymore, but that doesn’t stop the husband fantasizing about killing her!  I’m not sure if GM meant this to be funny but it made me smirk a lot. 

Trog Boy Ran: Niles is missing Abby, so he stalks her. Is it the creepy little beard he has? The lack of food? Or is something stalking him!  Very strange but entrancing story. As with all GM little stories, I’m not sure I enjoy them, but I am riveted.

I live in the Gut: aaaaaw a tale of love found and a new beginning all wrapped up in gore, tentacles and bone crunching. This was my favourite story.

It Won’t Be Long Now: our story teller is waiting for his audience and chatting with….well, someone. You get the gist of what is occurring as you read, in small spine chilling shudders.

You Haven’t Seen Me:  poor Trendle, he is a social outcast, being more damaged by the daily grind and his own terror. When it all comes to a head I do believe he is grateful. Such an emotive tale.

The Groto: a snippet of the non-movie family at the usual boring xmas, slowly things deepen into a pit of despair and The Groto inhabitant is calling. What crawls out is not what you expect. Such an acute look at society today.

Hungry Love: a tale of all consuming love, literally. What is Terry hiding and what does Stan find so wonderfully fluffy! There is a definite erotic edge to this story and some more of that smirk value.

Alice, Hanging Out at the Skate Park: this is split into a few parts so you are taken on a journey by GM. The ending is strange but warranted in an odd way.

At the end of the book GM talks his way through each story, I would have preferred him to do this at the end or beginning of each one to get the full feeling.

This is not something I would normally read and GM is a new author to me, a little strange and wacky for my tastes but the man certainly has a talent.