Friday, 6 December 2013

The Best of Enemies (book 6 of the Demon Squad series) by Tim Marquitz

Somehow I can just picture the Dead Fiends as hells little versions of Minions; just less cute looking! As the book opens they are trying to entertain Trigg with Shakespeare renditions and musicals, that’s when they are not busy alien burning or doing some fart redecorating (no, that’s not a typo!)

Frank “Triglatheron” Trigg is trying to work out what the book that Lucifer sent him for safe keeping is all about and poor little stripy alien Rala is having to muddle through it and getting hassle for doing so. 

As they go in search for a new place for her research, because Hell is obviously too busy! they come across poor, mourning Marcus and the best line in a book ever!

As they venture back ”up” to Earth they find that Old Town is a war zone and Veronica, the succubus ex-wife is not far away from the mayhem. But there is also another player in town and Trigg is back to his usual bullheaded way of barge in, ask later, which makes for some great fight scenes. 

When I think back to the first book in this series it’s amazing how much Tim Marquitz has developed not only the characters and story lines, but his own writing skill, it’s a world away.

Rahim and Katon are attracted to the fray oh boy are they still pissed at Trigg for the alien snatcharoo.

As the ever beautiful Scarlett arrives with a warning from Heaven you know that there is a new undertone to the story, and in true TM style little clues are already in play.

As Trigg continues his search and slaughter method of finding the new pretender to be Old Town King, Squiddy turns up to add a new squelchfest to the fun, its seems the book translation is going well as new critters stream through a portal.

Just as the dust settles the DSI and their buddies decide to say knock, knock with an RPG! Told you it’s all go and mayhem!

The humour is rife again in this book eg. over some alien calamari and sushi Trigg tells the DRAC crew about God and Lucifer’s jolly holiday.

As Trigg learns more about his new magical abilities and how he got them, Karra and their baby are never far from his mind, with his bestest buddy Chatterbox, with his awesome musical tastes, keeping a watchful maggoty eye on him, just why is she keeping herself so far away from him?

Trigg finally gets to have a showdown with the New Potential Boss of Old Town with some more awesome monster fight scenes, I just love the way that TM has conjured up his own myths and monsters, reviving some classics with a twist… which ones? Read and find out!

All I can say is I feel sorry for Veronica and her interrogation techniques.

No major player is left out as Lord Focalor floats down from Heaven as yet another piece of the puzzle is put into place, but such is the writing skill of TM you are at such a close angle to the picture to not see it clearly.

As the vamps and werecritters decide to add to the already cruddy day that Trigg is having the funniest fight scene occurs, Wu Tang!

After doing a good reenactment of Shaw shank Redemption poor Trigg gets trapped, it is only then that TM allows you to pan back, full cinemascope, to see all the connections as pieces fall into place.

The final showdown brings in all the factions; there are deaths, surprises, portals and some throwing involved! The cliffhanger ending had me left sat with my mouth hanging open!