Sunday, 1 December 2013

That Ghoul Ava: kicks some Faerie A*** by TW Brown (also That Ghoul Ava & TGA & The Queen of the Zombies

A little novella that sparkles from the beginning.

Poor Ava wakes up from the death to find she is a ghoul.

There is much to learn in her new underworld and her great narrator style and wit introduces us to some of the supernatural world and its goings on with little quips, witty observations and a shark grin!

A brilliant concept loved this story and really looking forward to more episodes!

Love the little catch up comments, not too much for the faithful reader but enough to refresh a memory or two.

Bucket loads of new monsters, characters and friends. A first novel in what is no doubt going to be a truly amazing series! 

In this episode Ava is sent on a mission by her vampire boss to discover where all the zombies are coming from and why. It has a definite Thriller edge, but sadly with no dancing.

The style is a type of narration as we are informed of the supernatural  new world in which she 'lives'; all sorts of monsters are thrown in with some brilliant  twists on the  zombie, vampire, and other similar "myths" come horror.

The humour is so wonderfully subtle you find yourself smirking and snorting through the gore and slime.

No actual comedic moments, just the run of the mill everyday stuff is seen in the colour of comedy, like an excellent comedian TWB manages to point that out, giving you great snorting moments. Such as the ghost writer!

Some really clever movie references..... and omg how funny at Mark Tufo Zombie Fallout ref!
I want that story about the not real dead seeking cats!

No dicing around here, straight in there with the action.  Some brief catch up notes, so you can read this as a stand-alone story if you wanted but works best as part of the series.

I really enjoyed all the little nods to “reality”. TWB has outdone himself with the clever chapter titles and the Spotify link. Really gave a holistic feel to the whole thing.

In this episode of Ava’s unlife we find her trying to bulldoze her way through battling fairies and discover what has got their panties in a bunch. It is a complex world that Ava lives in and nothing is what it seems; who needs politics when you have supernaturals!

The humour has really been ramped up in this one, M. Knight Shamalammadingdong had me giggling for ages! The fight scene in the fairies’ house was brilliant; only TWB could write with Star Trek theme music and a Daffy Duck voice over and still make me feel tense.

I will be ordering the Unnatural Grimoire from

More monsters, some great connections, a few really lovely heart touching moments regarding friendship and I absolutely loved the Nessie comments!

(just a little side comment, yes I DO beta read for TWB but I ALWAYS buy all of his books; I believe THAT much in his work I wish to continue to support him. If I hate a concept or part of a book, or character I tell him at that stage, he is the talent so if that bit stays - I moan about it in the review!)

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