Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Chemical Flowers by Ian Woodhead & Suzanne Reeves

A wonderful mix of raunchy and horror!

Originally I found Harry to be a gross individual, cant call them characters really as Ian has a way of making them so real!  So, back to Harry...gross but strangely normal...eeek!

Then you get Sebastian, just when I thought Harry was the pits...Sebastian makes him seem like Brad Pitt!

The story is a fabulous idea of lethal plants and human efforts to escape the town they have sprouted from.  I could not forget the human to plant transformation, especially with an exploding flower penis!!

A great tingly sex scene between the aforementioned Harry, who cant quite decide if he is a male chauvinistic pig or just not met the right woman, who turns about to be the lushness of Maria; but did they forget in their passion that giant killer plants are on the loose mere feet from them!

I really enjoyed this story up until the end when I must have missed the explanation of why?  what was the slime? how did it all happen?

I beg Mr Woodhead and Mrs Reeves to PLEASE write a sequel or (and even better!) a prequel!!

I  need to know more.. my house plants are in danger until then, or is it me in danger??

Woodhead & Reeves what a great writing team!!