Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews.....Leigh M. Lane

On this next installment of guest post from Jennifer Thomas she casts her keen eye on the lovely Leigh M. Lane

From the very first sentence of this book your mind is held captive by the astounding writing held within the pages.

Lady Karina is filled with sadness as her husband Brantley not only takes her away from the life she knows and loves but takes her away to a place that takes away her sanity. Between the nightmares and the mental abuse she goes through you can not help but feel her pain.

If you want to send your mind into a whirlwind of horror, terror and fear this book is just what you need!!! I am so happy to have read it. Leigh M. Lane has a way with words that pull you right into the story and you will be held there until the end.

This is one suspenseful and powerful book, once I started it was too scary how believable this story could turn out to be. Illness is all over and there seems to be a new strain of the flu every couple of years. 

It has even gotten to the point that some doctors are afraid to prescribe antibiotics at times. This is one of those books where you sit back and wonder how far into the future we can go before something like this can really happen. 

The government in this book and all of their control was very implied but never went over board and did play a big role in the story but it was never too overbearing.

Now I will talk about the story within the story and they are known as the Irwin family.

The author did an amazing job of bringing the characters too life for you imagination to be able to grasp each one and see though their eyes and feel the emotions as there life goes from as normal and any other Corporate Segregate family. Even though over the last few months there has been more problems with the outsiders "deviants" George never knew how fast his life could change for the worse.

After his wife, Virginia, was infected by an unknown disease and put in the hospital life as the Irwin family just ceased to exist in any normal fashion.
This is a highly emotional and compelling book and I recommend it to any one who loves a good suspense, family tragedy or government take over.