Sunday, 1 December 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Jerry McKinney

Jennifer Thomas, guest blogger, reviews one of my favourite authors Jerry McKinney.

This story crushed my heart. I was in tears by the end of the first paragraph. It is sad, too sad, when a child looses his mother at a young age, but it is worse when his whole world comes crashing down around him. Jesse is just a boy but has to learn the painful lesson that death is just a part of life.

Jerry Mckinney has always amazed me with the amount os passion he usable to write into his stories. 

He writes with more feeling then most people have when they speak. This story is no exception to that.

If you like your horror to contain real life emotion, get this story. I promise you will not regret it.

This is a great read!!!! 

This short story takes you through what one man endures as the world as he knows it falls apart. Jerry McKinney has a way of writing that takes you right into the story, and with all of his work this is no different. 

The poor man in this story just wanted a wonderful day with his family and to have some special time with his wife when the day is over but the worms make sure that does not happen. This book will send you on a ride through love, fear and loss. 

A must read for all.

Wonderful new Christmas story that makes you take a look at how your actions cannot only change your life but the lives of people who have not been born yet. The spirits in this story will stay with you long after the story is read.

Abe is the ultimate book for what should happen to every serial killer. Abe thought he had everything together and that he was untouchable..... 

Abe was wrong!!!! All it takes in one word writen in steam from the shower on the mirror and he finds out how fast thing can go wrong. This is a very detailed short story that will capture you with the first word and keep you captive until it is completely read.

This is a wonderful horror suspense book. 

Poor Colin, he has a lot going on in his mind, between missing his wife and not liking his job he can't get the tick of the office clock out of his head. This causes his to do some very extreme things.

Once again Jerry McKinney takes you straight into his world of words where you are held in awe until the book is finished.

This is a wonderful story. I was not expecting a zombie story to be so emitoinal but this one made me cry. 

You can not help but to feel the pain of the priest for his flock and for the Nun for the love of her priest and her religion. 

This is a wonderful story for someone who has not read a zombie story and wants to start and this is one of the best for zombie lovers everywhere.

Apartment buildings can be full of all kinds of people, and as the handyman, Stew, knows all of the tenants in his. 

He lives his normal life and does his normal things until the green eyed beauty moves in next door. Stew cannot understand why the smell of the girl next door stirs his hormones the way she does but he is more than willing to get to know her better.

This is a great erotic horror and another of Jerry McKinney's wonderful stories.

If you like stories that leave you feeling like you need a shower after you read it, well here you go. This one has everything you could ever want in a horror. 

There is just enough background on the main characters to make you want them to be happy. You know something bad is going to happen when you walk into a house and find a dead animal in the flue of the fireplace and you get a dripping of maggots from and from it's mouth from the fireplace to the door.

Once again Jerry has used his gift of words to paint pictures in my mind that will last a lifetime. Awesome Read!!

Wonderfully written story about a town and it's people who have a lot to bear. Characters that you will love, hate and be curious about. Highly recommended read for lovers of mystery, horror and the unknown.

This is a truly amazing and passionate vampire story. For me this book touched emotions that I never thought I would have for vampires. 

From the beginning you can feel the pain that the characters feel for what they have to do to survive and the hate that they feel for what they are.

I really enjoyed the way this story was written and the way you are able to get to know the characters in the book.