Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews Billie Sue Mosiman part 2

Some more wonderful reviews of Billie Sue Mosiman by guest blogger Jennifer Thomas. 

This novel starts off strong and stays that way throughout. 

From the time you meet Angelique you know that this fallen creature will always want the best of everything. She has deemed herself queen and intends to stay that way through all time. 

She is one of heaven's fallen angels and has been on this earth before but after spending so many thousands of years banished from heaven she could not take another minute in the outreaches and must find life with humans once more. 

When she makes it into human form it is not what she had wished it to be but she will make the best of what she was given. After hundreds of years spent having humans care for her it was time for her to call one of her kind to help and care for her as only a servant that can live as long as she can.

She calls upon Nisroc, a fallen like she but she knows he can hold his place and care for her. But Nisroc has something she will never have, a love for the human creatures. He actually loves Gods beloved humans and wishes more than anything to be a part of them.

To be honest I could go on for hours about this book but I don't want to slip out anything that would mess it up for any one else, so I will leave after I say a few more things.

The writing and story line flows wonderfully and there was never a moment of confusion that I have had with other Fallen Angel stories. The characters are amazing and just detailed enough to give the mind something to lean on as they come into or leave the story. 

There were times of sadness, anger and loss that all added to the emotional suspense that lay in waiting in the pages of this book.

In this book of 3 shorts you get horror, obsession, fear and despair written in true Billie Sue Mosiman fashion.

In The Court Of The Invisible, when Mel finally finds out what her tarot cards are trying to tell her it is too late for her to do anything about it. For most of her adult life she has turned to the cards to guide her and has always lived happy, but the one thing she doesn't understand drives her to keep turning the cards.

The Shape Of Its Absence, This story pulled at my heart strings in it horror and sadness. Cora Lee just wants to be left well enough alone and live on her land, in her house and safe from the world, but her kids just can't leave well enough alone. As I read this I was pulled in and I think this is the most emotional story in the book.

Down By The Riverside, when a father must tell his son that he has to leave his home and live with his uncle because his time on this earth is about to end, the grown man who is only a child in his mind takes matters into his own hands and grows up just a tad as he realizes that no matter what you fear there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Great short story book.

This is a great set of 3 short stories. They are a quick read but you don't feel cheated in any way because the details are there. 

Life Near the Bone, You find out what happens when a man takes philosophy too far and looses his mind.

Antidote, you get a look into a very unique vampire story and what takes place in a vampire world where it is kill or be killed.

Rosa Two-Cents a man finds out what happens when you leave not only a debt but a promise un-paid.

This is only my take on the stories, you will have to read it yourself to see if you agree. I highly recommend this set too everyone who enjoys suspense and horror.

This novel has so much going on and so many characters that it is like 3 books rolled into one meeting in the middle to blow your mind.

I'm a sensitive reader and wear my heart on my sleeve and there were some part of this book that were hard for me to read, but as with all of Billie Sue Mosiman's books you get pulled in from the beginning and can't stop reading until the tale is told.

This tale for me is on of Loss, love and the need to forget the most horrible past and a search for a new and happy future, but sadly that is not meant to be for any of the unforgettable characters in this novel. With each character you meet along the way you are able to feel their impact on the story and they will stay with me for a long time.

This is an incredible book and well worth the read. I highly recommend it to all.

Billie Sue Mosiman wastes no time digging right into this story and in doing so grabbing your heart and taking your emotions to the brink.

This is not just a story of the loss of a child it is more. I can only imagine how hard this story was to write. The power of the words are enough to bring just about any reader to tears and the loss of a child is a nightmare for any parent and that makes this story that much stronger but this story is also about the ability to move on. 

The main character in this story is so well written that you are able to feel her pain through the word.

I highly recommend this story but be aware that it is very emotional and you may need many tissues at hand.

This is an emotional and gripping tale of what Gloria has lived with all for the support of the man she loves. 

Growing up knowing she was different and picked on by her school mates was one thing Gloria had dealt with her entire life and finding someone who loves her and makes her feel like a whole person is more than she could ever wish for. 

But for this poor woman it just opens up a whole new world of nightmares that she has to find a way to escape. She tried to repent in her on way for her soul knowing what was going on within the walls of her husbands special room was wrong. She had known it since the beginning but now she must stop it. She cannot live with it any longer and she has a plan.

You must read this amazing horrific suspense to find out if her plan works but be warned this is a dark place you will be visiting.

This is a great short story. When you stat reading you figure this is a story about an old man confessing his sins but you soon realize that it is much more. 

The thing about this story is it just goes to show you never know what evil hides within the people we come in contact with on a daily basis.
This book is so full of suspense and terror that there are times where you want to put it down but you know if you do it will drive you over the edge because you have to know what happens.

Most of the story is told by Emily, she is the 10 year old daughter of a fifth grade school teacher and a cop. Her life has never been easy and she has lived with fear that most children her age never have to know. Having no friends, only her parents, who are far from having a normal and loving relationship. 

As bad as there life is, with a divorce in the cards and the family being separated you would never think it could get worse and then on one of the last vacations as a family their life takes another turn into the even deeper depths of hell.

This is a compelling read that will command every bit of your attention from beginning to end.