Sunday, 8 December 2013

Jar Baby by Lori. R. Lopez

Emerson Folly. What a fabulous name.

He starts the story off with a dramatic flourish that promises murder and mayhem.

In contrast is the gorgeous Alice in dealing with the weird Dmitri and his projectile vomiting inducing smell. Although I loved their little love affair at the end!

In a flurry the jar is opened despite warnings of curses and demons, which have a wonderful spookily told back story.

Salah, the Arabian Knight has family and bloating issues of his own, but finds the time to write a beautiful love letter to his pregnant wife.

UMBRAL is the word of the month - I adore how LRL just appears to casually throw a word in to her writing that makes you stop dead, go look it up and then it dawns on you just how complex and beautiful that word is.

There is an underlying element of smirk as Boris Karloff and his mates make an appearance and all manner of fun starts to occur; a more macabre version of Night at the Museum came to mind.

LRL manages to make mummy/zombie killing so eloquent sounding as you would you were at a tea party with Earl Grey and cucumber sandwiches.

The finale is brilliant, my favourite story by LRL to date!

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