Monday, 9 December 2013

Still Dying 2 Anthology by Armand Rosamilia

So this is anthology of very talented authors; almost of fan love for the Dying Days series from Armand Rosamilia; all the stories are centred around characters or places within this series.

How Me And Bozy Became Dads by Patrick C. Greene: a prison chain gang meets the undead! Told from one of the prisoners PoV with a real twang in his inner dialogue. Lots of really well written action, not too much gore, PCG has concentrated more on the terror and confusion. Not all is as it seems....what a great way to start this anthology, PCG is always so precisely written.

Gator Aid by Frank Edler: Ava has set a trap at the only functioning amusement park left during the zompoc. Her little gang, with the help of the 'gators have a unique way of dispatching the zombies. A little dramatic love story in the middle too. Loved the macaw who has an angry streak but soft spot for M&Ms. Some really well thought out ideas and the writing pushes you towards caring for certain people, clever stuff.

The Trap Line by Sean Slagle: I could have done without the detailed animal kill in the first paragraph and then had to stop reading at the rabbit in the trap description, I know its horror but I point blank will not read about animal torture. Sorry, this could have been the best story and the most fabulous author, just not for me.

Dying Days: Television by Armand Rosamilia:  So what is more important than television, even during the zompoc? Patrick has his life worked out, even to the last meal of the week, now if only he could sort out what is wrong with the tv. His poor neighbours try to help but actually end up being part of the problem. Snappily written with a little poke in the butt to some of today's societal issues.

Flight 509 by Jaime Johnesee:  chicken poop by his own admission our story teller hides in the 'planes bathroom rather than be mauled, eaten or raped by the undead - sounds like a good plan to me! Whilst stuck in there for nearly an hour he manages to go over all the options and most of his love life regrets. The ending to this little snapshot of horror really freaked me out. I was made to care about this chap by the author and it was scary and creepy despite most of the action happening on the other side of a door.

The Old Man And The Apocalypse by A.D. Roland: Otis is a resourceful guy. He and his cat, Stupid are surviving and watching the undead pass by and try to molest the local sculptures. A really well thought out plan, ADR is a bit freaky in just how well she has thought this out, and I love it! Some really heart stopping and heart racing moment. My favourite story.

The Happiest Kingdom On Earth by Brent Abell: George and Harry enter Milton Mouses Kingdom and get more than the rides and candy they planned for, what starts off as a joke soon turns sinister. Like a bizarre cross between Running Man, Dawn of the Dead and Mad Max. The ending was so sad. Fantastic writing.

Dying Days: Stew by Armand Rosamilia: Stew and Orion, I loved this little team and wanted so much more than this little snippet of hell. 

Lucifer's Revenge by Mark Tufo:  As Lucifer waits to hear confession all Hell literally breaks out around him. Some real tongue in cheek stuff here, very gore filled too in true MT style. Think this has the best line in the book; He tossed the Holy Water onto Kaitlin’s face; he’d been expecting something much more dramatic, like the melting of her face. All he got her was wet.

Dying Days: Angel by Tim Baker:  Angel is trying to make her way out her apartment complex before the zombies make her into the next meal, but she seems so accident prone. Not sure if it was the authors intention but I felt like the ball in a pinball machine game, bouncing off each wall, building, fence etc. exciting? I'm not sure, exhausting, yes!.