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Demon Squad Series (1-5) plus novellas by Tim Marquitz

This is a grouping of the Demon Squad Series 1-5 including two novellas as on the 6th December, 2013, book 6 is to be published.... how can I stand to wait any longer!

Torture, thy name is Tim Marquitz!  I have been so lucky as to stumble across this amazing author!

Ok, so this is a stand alone novella, from a series called the Demon Squad, you can read the series without this novella but if you want a trial to see you like the author and the character, this is the one to buy! 

I have to say I was impressed from the first line, Mr Marquitz certainly knows how to draw you in and get you hooked.

Frank, a breast obsessed demon who just happens to be Lucifer's nephew, is sent to Earth on a mission to basically hunt down Jack the Ripper as "Hell" is pissed off that he is claiming the kills in their name!

To add to the fun he pairs up with his cousin Scarlett, the Angel!

Between the detective story, the chase, the humour, which is totally cracking, and all the other amazing stuff that Mr Marquitz manages to cram in and elude too I am devoted, I could not put this down til I had finished it.... like any good thriller, I had to know whodunnit and why! Sorry, no spoilers here! but there are more than enough blood, guts, squishy bits and fight scenes for the gore hounds.

I was seriously impressed how well Mr Marquitz managed to depict London's East End, him being an American and me actually having worked there for several years, he was spot on. 

Not to mention he didn't try to fake an East End accent, thank goodness! His overall descriptions generally, even of the smell in the pub was so vivid as to make you feel you are there.

This was a fantastic read and I cant wait to grab the rest of the series.

From Hell: Demon Squad Novella

Ok, so we have Demons & Angels warring it out; the normal Armageddon stuff!

However, thrown into the mix are some interesting "half-bloods", family complications, a Supa-Natural agency that is protecting us humans and, oh btw, God & Lucifer have gone on hiatus!

If you like fist fights, sword fights, gun fights, boiling blood and purulent boils.... this will tickle your fancy.

Bad points are the fight moves from a 500yr old Demon are a bit daft, plus he does seem to get beaten up alot, but that's basically his lot in life; this was also the Authors (Tim Marquitz)  first novel so still learning his trade.

As a character he is honest, as a Demon can be!  There are hints at a deeper psyche and definitely some history to be told, but in the most basic of matters he is a horny Demon with a good heart!

I note that there are a few more in this series and I was really looking forward to reading more about Frank and how he was chosen as Lucifer's favourite nephew!

My only real complaint is the nice tidy up at the end, far too clean for me!

I really enjoyed the first book in this series but found the writing/fighting a little repetitive and some of the information a bit "raw"; however Tim Marquitz has certainly polished his writing skills and this second part of the series is just brilliant!

The same characters have become more rounded, with hints as to how they became who they are, this was very clever writing, I want more, yes I'm hooked on TM.

New characters and creatures are fantastically explained, the details are gut wrenchingly disgusting, some serious thought (and research) has gone into this.

The whole story line is inspired from its slow build up to the tension, edge of seat finale; as for the cliffhanger ending.... I bought book no.3 within seconds!

Frank is a very flawed demon, but one you can't help but love. I would really like more back stories on the other characters and hope that Mr Marquitz also sees the "mileage" in this series.

However, my favourite chappy of all in this book was Chatterbox! omg so funny.

A nicely wrapped up short story with a bonus nugget at the end!

Scarlett, Franks' Angelic cousin, awakes to attempted murder as a golden axe crashes onto her pillow and BAM! just like that you are thrown in to Heaven and the onslaught that raged above Frank's head during At The Gates (Demon Squad), fantastic piece of writing! Mr Marquitz ability to switcheroo between such strong characters is brilliant.

You get a 360 view of the story and the lead up to the last and first line of book No.2 and No.3, very clever.

"Prohibition Black And Blues" the additional nugget at the end is such a cute snap shot into Franks' world that you cant help but want more!

I am so annoyed, I am yet again addicted to Frank! Like a bad habit you want to break I keep going back for more, and LOVING it!

The not-quite Hero with some serious flaws; boobs and being a trouble magnet being just two of them.

I was elated to see that Chatterbox also plays a staring role, he is like the Kevin Smith of the book world; silent but a deafening presence.

As Heaven battles it out and the Tree of Life threatens to undo Creation this ragbag team from DRAC try hard to find all the clues, fight off werebears (I kid you not!), whack-a-mole vamps and Angels that don't seem to know they are supposed to be the good guys, to save Humanity. TM manages to weave myth, religion and fantasy into an exquisite mix of horror, humour and mystery.

I know I shouldn't be but I am astounded that the author, self proclaimed metal-head, martial arts tough guy can write such intricate story lines, giving you all the clues but not quite letting you join the dots until the final few chapters and with such sensitivity. 

He also manages to give you some awesome giggle moments, fantastic fight scenes and some touching heart melt moments without making you feel icky, not that you don't get that sensation in other areas of the book!

I now find I am having to pace myself before rushing to buy and read his entire catalogue..... food,work, social life and housework can wait til next month

Wham, straight back into the action, not even time to go food shopping or have a shower for poor Frank before another form of Armageddon drops in his lap (just when does this poor Demon eat or sleep?).

This time the poor sap has aliens to deal with, plus a little home Truth.

Whilst in the finding of the Truth, Frank has his fair share of dead ends, fist fights, magical bursts, town destruction and heart ache. 

However, not all is as it seems me thinks!

Some main characters die in this book, brave of the author, but what brilliant endings.

I have hastily bought book no.5 as Echoes of the Past ended on such a cliffhanger I nearly fell off my chair.

I seriously love ebooks and the joy they have brought into my life; although I note they are also in print and may have to order a few just to proudly display them on my shelf!

Book 5 does not slow in its onslaught of blood, guts, fights, boobs, secrets, mystery and general giggles.

As Frank bumps into his usual trouble and comes across God, Lucifer and Jesus all on a alien world, having a shin dig, he is drawn into a fight that will blow your mind!

I love TMs take on religion and his spin on "whats it all about".

He manages, yet again, to lay all the clues out but not give you the keystone piece until the final chapters, leaving you with that gobsmacked feeling of "how the hell did I not see that coming!"

No dramatic cliff hanger in this one, phew for me, but enough is left unsaid, unsorted or without ending that you wont be left without a craving for more (should anyone want to join me in the stalking and harassment of the author to create more, pls email me!)

I was overjoyed to see Chatterbox make a comeback!

A couple of little shorts at the end are well worth a read and go to show the generosity of this author in sharing his talent!!

My eyes are peeled and my tongue is hanging out waiting for the next chapter in Franks life.

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Iain Rob Wright Q and A.

Duplicity & The Mirrored Blade by Ian Woodhead

The concept of this is so original and with usual Ian Woodhead style, the characters are believable and most definitely 3D!

This story really grips you and I would be surprised if anyone was able to put it down once started.

Some hilarious conversation pieces which appear to be IW signature; he manages to capture real life so perfectly and then turn the most horrendous moments into hysterical giggles! Not sure I will ever get the thought of a 5ft raisin out of my head when I next see a little old man!

When the blood, gore and gruesome action came it was so fast I had to reread most of it to get who was who and what they were upto.... felt like I was in a hall of mirrors on acid.

Really want more back story on this fascinating species... though not sure how they can be adaptable yet a dying race? :(

I need to start begging as this story demands  a sequel? or a prequel? please, please... I need to know!

what was the background to the "sisters" thoughts?

what did they eat underground?

why not live in "harmony" albeit murderous with us above ground!

what was their back story to this leap into the unknown!


I really enjoyed this story, so much I had to read it twice! IW knack of such believable, rounded characters really brings the story alive, a bit like the knives which appear to be possessed! It was a classic good versus evil story with a paranormal twist.

As usual the characters are IW strength, so believable, so "predictable" (in, I would do that!) and often so funny, the dialogue is always the highlight for me. 

Told in differing PoV gives the story a really unique feel, although it did get a bit disorientating with the time shifts, so you need to concentrate.  The longer story line gives full range to Ian's true character developing talent!

The tale starts with a rather brutal killing that appears to become a central focus for weirder things! I can’t really give too much detail without giving it away.... but you won’t be disappointed.

This left me thinking for quite a while

One of IW best novels to date; wow at the stuff that deranged brain produces!!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Some silly questions with Armand Rosamilia and review of Dying Days

Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida. His self-confessed obsessions are Horror, Heavy Metal, M&M's and Zombies.

He co-hosts a radio show "Friday Night Writes" & manages just fine on his own when let loose with "Mando's Manic Melodies" on flagler beach radio, which you can listen to anywhere in the world! He is an avid Facebooker and Twitterer, loves the Red Sox (whoever they are!!)  and did I mention he is addicted to M&M's. 

AR is a prolific author with over 100 stories published to date, he has been a big contributor to multiple anthologies and has a huge list of novellas including Flagler Beach (contemporary fiction), Metal Queens (a non-fiction music series), Miami Spy Games & the Keyport Cthulhu series, not forgetting to mentio the amazing novel Tool Shed but for this review I have concentrated on his fantastic Dying Days series. 

What is your favourite sandwich? Drink? Chocolate/candy bar? (you can just pick one if you like!)
Favorite sandwich is either tuna on a cinnamon raisin bagel or a pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll sandwich… both yummy. I am addicted to sweet tea with lemon and love a good banana bread beer… I love everything chocolate and I eat it in bulk…

Do you have a favourite place to write?
Yes. Thank you for asking. Oh, where exactly? Kokomo's Café in Flagler Beach Florida is my spot, in the corner drinking coffee and eating way too many great sandwiches.

Who or What is your personal favourite character/novel?
Of my own work it would definitely be Darlene Bobich in my Dying Days zombie series, although after finishing Dying Days: Origins featuring Tosha Shorb, it might be darn close. As a reader Conan by RE Howard was always my favorite character to read.

If you had a theme track, what would it be?
Definitely something sexy. Barry White and Marvin Gaye would follow me around and sing softly behind me as I was buying cupcakes or candy or going to the bathroom.

And back to silly, if you could have any supernatural power what would it be?
The power to move you…

Having read several of Armand's novels I can say he certainly does that for me, my favourite "story" of his is Tool Shed, but my ultimate favourite is the Miami Spy Games series - I was riveted.

However, I recently treated myself to the Dying Days series, starring the ever thong clad Darlene Bobich. It comes as separate novels and novellas or you can do yourself a money saving favour and buy the boxed collection. 

Dying Days: the initial introduction to Darlene is intense but matter of fact, just like the lady herself. She has some deep emotions but she keeps them under control and does what has to be done.

How she manages to get naked so many times is astounding but this also adds some real humour to some really horrific situations, she certainly meets some extremes of people along the way - as always with an apocalyptic story (and proven in documented wars) it seems to bring out the extremes in people.

The writing of AR is direct, there is no faffing about with undue emotions, this is all zombie action and storytelling, not that it’s devoid because there are some heart catching moments, but this is not about anybody’s emotional journey, just a survival trip.

I had a few niggles in the book such as her “reassuring” house keys – but she left the militia group butt naked….so did she go back for them, or where did she hide them? I’m not sure I would be so keen as to want to clean the floor with a toothbrush but hey maybe she has a touch of OCD regards to cleaning as she seems to want to do that as soon as she is settled anywhere for a few days! Also what’s with the raping zombies! Never explained but an amusing quirk.

Dying Days 2: the sudden glut of characters did take me a few rereads to get familiar with but they all have a definitive personality and even thought some are eaten, bludgeoned you feel like you know them.

The return of the militia really increases the tension, because you know that eating and raping zombies (not always in that order) aren’t bad enough!

The timeline scurries along and left me with some grinning and shuddering moments, I found the ending a little too rushed with too many loose ends, but as book no.3 is now out and about this should be problem solved.  It was nice to see that Darlene was still arse kicking and cleaning!

Select Scenes: this was basically all the back stories, and then some, from the beginning of the zompoc ala Rosamilia; this gave some good insight to who people were previously and why they became how they are. Some really humorous moments too.

I really enjoyed the Armand Rosamilia skit with all the self-depreciation, the ending was a little sad but I was still grinning from all the “name” dropping; if you don’t recognize the names mentioned then you are reading the wrong zombie books!

More in this series are some little shorts called Dying Shortly, Dying Shortly 2, Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer and the European Siege (soon to be no.2).


This is a look at the characters that surround Darlene Bobich and the start of the Zompoc.

This one focuses on Tosha Shorb, her twin Trista, Randy Jackson and finally Eric and Jessa in an awesome piece of fan fiction.

I say “this one” as AR promises more in this series, woohooo!

This starts off brilliantly with a party fight, just as you would expect Tosha to be in; she is one tough little cookie, but one with a heart. I really like ARs female characters, they are all well able to look after themselves, have a sense of humour, sexy as hell, tough as nails yet show a lovely sensitive side.

As the Zompoc takes hold she and Trista do what should be done and hole up with blankets, snacks and daft stories. However, as practicalities set in they go searching for food and weapons.

When tragedy strikes and Tosha is left alone, she goes into melt down mode but not for long as Trista soon turns up again as a guiding force, this little twist to the Zompoc in ARs world is interesting and gives a new focus, or Tosha is just bonkers!

There area few other characters thrown in, like all her apartment building occupants, which all lend themselves to some humourous and gory moments!  She also comes across a complete female lunatic, which just had me in giggles. 

There is some serious vengeful stuff that occurs and really gives you the gore factor, although what a waste of alcohol!  This scene adds to the whole build up story of why Tosha is the way she is when you meet her later in the Dying Days series.

Near the end we are introduced to Randy Jackson in the funniest way; can’t wait to see how he gets out of that predicament!

The last few chapters are written by Dying Days fan Lisa McKinney and she does a great job of telling Eric and Jessa beginnings. 

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Jennifer Thomas reviews..... William Malbourg

Another wonderful guest post by the wonderful Jennifer Thomas, this is her take on William Malmborg.  After reading all her reviews I cant wait to get my teeth stuck in!

This is a great read full of suspense, I never knew what was going to happen when I turned the page.

Kimberly was so excited about her new apartment and being out on her own again after having to move back home with her parents but her life quickly becomes a nightmare before the dust even has time to settle in her new home. It all starts with a simple package that she figured is from her boyfriend but it quickly escalates from there.

Bill is just the man upstairs who just so happens to be a horror writer. He has done some things to make money before his writing career took off but he had no idea how bad things would turn when his new neighbor moves in. Never in a million years did he think the things that he had done in the past would come back and cause not only problems for him but to put his new neighbor in danger as well.

Even though Bill does not feel that anything that is going on is his fault he also feels the need to protect Kim and make sure she knows that he is there for her at any time.

But can Bill really help?
Can he be the hero to Kim?
Why does he feel he has to be?
All of this is revealed in Nikki's Secret

True to it's cover this book does indeed give you 10 dark tales but what the cover does not tell you that each of the tales also hold it's own level of emotion and loss. William Malmborg does a wonderful job of pulling you straight into all of his writings and this one is no different.

The first story, Redstone Lake, you are drawn into a world where hidden memories have emerged and Tim is forced to face something he has long forgotten. The terrifying past is determined to make him face what he has forgotten.

Now with a beginning like that you know that each story that follows has to be fantastic!!

I think the story that disturbed me most in this book was Sunburn. The things that went through the fathers mind in this story not only showed that he was insane from the loss of his wife but it also shows how horrific things can be once the human mind breaks.

This is a great read if you are looking for a new horror author to enjoy or if you are looking for a few short stories to pass a bit of time.

But I must warn you, since the first book I have read by this author I have been hooked. His writing has a way of getting in your head and you must have more.

As if anyone needs another reason to fear the mall in this day an age this book gives you one. The author wastes no time getting straight into the action and horror as he grabs you imagination and makes you watch the most horrible Christmas shopping trip ever.

William Malmborg has the ability to imagine the worst sexual serial killers I've ever read. 

The monster in this book got to me a little bit because his job is one that you are suppose to be able to trust but it is just where he needs to be to torture, control and kill.

This is a great book to read if you enjoy serial killer fiction or if you are looking for that great disturbing new read.

Once I started this book there was no way I could put it down. The author wastes no time in getting to the action and in getting your emotions to surface so you stay right on the edge of your seat as you read. My main emotions throughout the book were anger and fear. 

It has been a really long time that I have been so angry in a book that I wanted a character to die. I usually feel sadness for the villain in the books I read. 

Usually they are evil for a reason that is beyond their control but Jimmy has no other reason than he has a fetish that he has allowed to run ramped in his mind. His want to watch and control his captives have lead him past the point of no return. 

Even though Jimmy is the main character in this book there are so many characters that you will get to meet and know that makes this an even better read. 

There are stories within the story that keeps your mind focused in other directions besides the main shock and fear. This book also has love and caring within that will make your mind wonder why and how can these things happen to theses people.

I don't like to be a spoiler but I will give you warning that this book has one of the saddest endings ever. I was left with a wad of wet tissues around me as I finished. Not a bad ending by any means but just sad.

This is a sexual bondage horror and not for the faint of heart. I am a horror fan and at times this book was almost too hard for me to read but that is what I loved most about it. This book was a challenge of my mind and emotions. I look forward to reading everything William Malmborg has written and will write in the future.

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Lori. R. Lopez part 1

Jennifer Thomas is loved by many authors for her honest and wonderful reviews. In this guest blog she reviews some of the many novellas by the lovely Lori. R . Lopez.

                       Jar Baby

What a great story! Lori R. Lopez spins a great tale of the Jar Baby.

When a man sells the one thing he is supposed to protect to save the lives of his wife and unborn child he know that he has enabled another to unleash hell and the vengeance of the demon on the world. He must stop the actions that he has allowed to be set in to motion.

All Alice wants to do is check out this comic store that she heard about. The sells man is a little on the creepy side but little does she know that life is about to throw her into an adventure she would never dream of.

Wonderful word flow and outstanding character development.

This story takes you through so many emotions, fear, loss, love, hope and then it puts you right where we all end up, death. The suspense and horror leaves you wanting to read more and keeps the pages turning.

All Ziggy ever wanted to was to know the truth. Was he wanted as a child? Did his mother really care? But little did he know that he was going to be the begining of a horde that will chase him to his answers as he is devoured by not only himself but the plague that is nipping at the heels of mankind.

Adele never gave up looking once her son disappeared and even after loosing everything that was precious to her she knows in some why that as long as she has hope everything will fall into place. When her past comes back into her memory and she realizes that maybe hope is foolish the best of the worst happens.

I highly recommend this story to all horror, zombie or suspense fans!

Have you ever wondered what the personality of a bug may be like? Well after you read this wonderful fairy tail you will have to wonder no more. Follow Spider as he tries to find his way back home to his mother and learn the lessons of life, fear and friendship along with him.

Every step Spider takes seems to be looming with danger, but the things he learns and both the friends and foes he meets along the way have something for him. That is right this little fella learns from everyone he meets in his travels.

This is a great novel for children and adults alike. Some of the lessons with in will stay with you or your child for a long time to come. One example is, words can hurt and it is not always what you say but how you say it. 

Lori Lopez uses her beautiful poetic words to bring this to life with loveable characters and slightly scary foes. This is in no way a book that is will cause fear unless you just don't like bugs. But even people who don't like bugs, I think, should give it a chance because it is such a fun and imaginative book.

This story grabbed me because most people can relate. Everyone who is unhappy with themselves are looking for the next great thing to make us look better, feel better or just to give us the most amazing body ever. Well, unfortunately for our main character, Ned, he not only gets pulled into the hype of the next best thing, it really works!!!!

Ned is so tired of spending his life living and cowering away from all of he bigger meaner people in this great wide world. When his hero, and athlete, comes out with the super cereal that promises to give Ned the muscular body of his dreams how can he not try it? Not only is the cereal great tasting but it has a prize in the box. 

That little prize gives Ned the feeling of being a kid again. While happily wearing his his prize and full on cereal he sits and waits for it too work. But Ned has never had the best of luck. The news proclaims that the very cereal he just devoured was killing people and they don't know why?? All of Ned's dreams of being the big guy got a change and getting the girl are tosses in the trash bin as he is frantic and not yet ready to die.

What happens in the pages that come after will blow your mind!! You will have to read this story to find out what happens to Ned. Does he live? Does he find happiness? Most of all after you read this will you be able to eat cereal without this story popping in to your mind?

Once again Lori Lopez has used her words to take my imagination to its limits.

When I first started reading this novelette I was no where near prepared for the amazement and horror that lies within.
Dewayne's father had no idea of the monster he was creating with his hate and abuse. The wrath that Dewayne inflicted on not only his parents but on anyone he can get his claws on.

When Dewayne decides he is ready to take a bride the story takes a drastic change. This you will have to read for yourself.

This is the darkest story Lori has written and I love it.
I recommend this to all fans of horror or suspense.

In this story, once again Lori Lopez, gives you a world that you can't help but be pulled into. The characters in this story are so passionate and Magda, the main character is a strong willed woman who is able to face more than she should have ever had too.

Her husband killed himself and left her alone in the world with a son who was more monster than human. 

Magda has to find out about her life and her family in the worst of ways and just as happiness in within reach, well I don't want to be the spoiler but this is a wonderful story that everyone will enjoy.

This is an amazing and fast pace short story written in true Lori R. Lopez style that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat until the last word.

What happens when the one and only place where you feel like you belong has to disband and the only friends you have in the great wide world are lost to you forever? 

Well in the case of Darius Exavier you end wondering the world not knowing where your head will rest or will your next meal will come from.

This story takes you through this young mans sad and lonesome existence as he is looking for a place in this world. The path Dariu takes and the things that he has the will to defeat will blow your mind.

This is such a fun mix of pottery and story put together as only Lori Lopez can. In this story you find a beautiful young girl who has been hurt so badly in the past that as her life gets more lonely her mind starts to break. 

You cannot help but feel the pain in this girl's heart as you follow her down the path of insanity.

I will be the first to admit, and I have many times, I am not a werewolf fan. This story changed that.believe me, this is not the usual werewolf tale.

Lori takes this age old monster and makes it her own in the best of ways.
Weather a werefan or not you will enjoy the new twist this storyteller has put to paper for our enjoyment. I don't want to give anything away but you will find a bit of love between these e -pages.

Part 2 review for part 2 of the story, yes, thats right this story now as a part 2 and it is just as amazing as the first part. Lori gave everyone who reads this book more. More love, more compassion, more suspense and yes, more werewolves!!! 

The suspense of the second part of this story gives everything to the first part. I don't want to give anything away in the book but I am telling everyone it is AWESOME and well worth the read.

This short story will be an eery reminder of all of the water warnings from around the globe. What happens when someone does drink the water? Well I will tell you know that it can turn into a nightmare!! You will learn just how scary it can be.

Imagine sitting in your home and Something is there with you, you are not sure what it is but for Bash, all he can think is danger and gets his bazooka, yes bazooka. 

That is all this review will tell you about it, you will have to read to find out, but there is also the lady across the street. With all of the noise in the neighborhood Henna, that lady I mentioned, decides to investigate. 

Henna is a pistol packing lady with the intention to help her neighbor and keep her neighbor hood safe.

This story is awesome. Another Lori Lopez story that is a must read for all.