Saturday, 2 November 2013

Some silly questions with Jeffrey Kosh and review of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

  • Jeffrey Kosh is a man of many talents; he can scare the pants off you with his horror stories, thrill you with his erotica stories or just amaze you with his graphic art.

    You can find him on; Goodreads, Amazon and Shelfari where he often collects 5* reviews for his multiple works.

    His stories are mainly divided in two series: 
    The Prosperity Glades Series  - Feeding the Urge, Kamp Koko by Night, Spirits and Thought Forms, FIVE.

    The Dead Men Tell No Tales Universe; Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Full Tale, Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Short Story, and Black Brig.

    Jeffrey Kosh also has some amazing short tales and novelettes, like REVENANT, Haunt, Stryx and The South Will Rise Again.

    Lets not forget the two erotica short novels Thrill of the Hunt and Home Invasion.

    But he likes to think of his main job as a graphics artist and he certainly manages to conjure up some spectacular work if you want to have a peek here is the link to the website gallery, or have a read of his full bio' on the Linkedin site.

     He can also be found on Facebook and his blog site

    Now for some silly questions and a cheeseontoastgrilling;
    What is your favourite sandwich? Drink? Chocolate/candy bar? (you can just pick one if you like!)
    Well, I’m not very picky with food, as I love almost everything my stomach can digest. I had alligator meat in Florida, snake in Thailand, some kind of cheese with live worms in Sardinia, and a lot of strange stuff. But I must admit that bugs, no matter what they say, don’t taste like shrimps … they taste of … sh@t. Now my favorites: coffee (lotsa o’ it), Brit fish n’ chips, quiche Lorraine, all kind of pasta.

    Do you have a favourite place to write?
    I need isolation when I write. I don’t mind music, but I need to focus on my characters and details, so I get easily distracted. Like cats, my hunting instinct is attracted by all kind of movement. Seriously. You roll a ball in front of me and my eyes dart after it.

    Who or What is your personal favourite character/novel?
    The Frankenstein’s creature. I have a strong affinity with that character. He reminds me of Lucifer in Paradise Lost, Caliban in The Tempest, and myself. As for my favorite book, well, that’s easy: Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley.

    If you had a theme track, what would it be?
    There are many songs I associate with me. I love country, blues, hard rock, metal, but I can just go crazy for some modern classic composer. Have to pick one, right? Okay: ‘Dark Night’ by The Blasters. You know that piece at the beginning of From Dusk Till Dawn? Yeah, that’s my pick today. But if you ask me tomorrow …

    If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
    Teleport. I traveled a lot in my life, and still do. But I really hate taking a plane, coach, or train. Heck, I even hate taxis! Point is, I like driving, being in control of my trip, stopping whenever I want, going from point A to point B at my pace, not at the whims of a driver or pilot. Back in the States, I used to drive for long distances, enjoying the whole trip. Roads, especially in the Southwest, are like being on Star Trek: you never know what can be out there and you can surely have some strange and memorable encounters. Like that time I was traveling from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. Couple of rednecks spotted my California license plate and decided to play a prank to a city slicker: they pulled beside me and pointed a revolver to my face. I thought I was being hijacked, but they just wanted to scare me. That’s all.
    Weird, intense people out there.

    My review of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

    Whilst Pirates and ghost stories would not normally be my “thing” any story that you pick up from the Kosh is going to be amazing, so I dived in!
    The spread of characters is diverse; each has a very in depth personality and reason for being part of the story. Drake is a bit of phwoar he certainly knows how to create some swash and buckle. 
    Initially I found the verse and tone of the book hard to get into, especially the Creole language but this added to the spook element, the character definition and eventually I was so immersed in this world the difficulty slid away.
    When the Risen slaver is described with its undead crew I must admit to feeling a little queasy, but as the story progresses even worse things come and I felt the hairs on my arms start to tingle a little.
    The fight scenes are full on pirate/undead and so descriptive that I could feel the splash of gore, pus and blood.
    Pirates of the Caribbean this is NOT but I think it would make an awesome film as the visuals are very intense.
    The real history that is interwoven throughout is very impressive and shows the depth of research and attention to detail that the Kosh has.
    The resulting climax to all the fights, intrigue, Voodoo, Plague and Undead is not disappointing and Kosh even manages to throw some love and sex in there!
    Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone wanting and fascinating if gory tale of the sea.