Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Immortal War Series (Nemesis, Lamia & The Tower) by Suzi M

Based on fallen Angels, Vampires and a mix of Greek & Roman Gods and the myths that might be if they had continued into this modern day world... what a fantastic idea!

We are introduced to the strange love triangle of Lamia, Micheal and Nemesis. With a very bad warlock and a sympathetic demon!

Suzi M throws you into differing worlds of terror and pleasure as you go back and forth between past, present, future, oh and New York City. 

I often found it a little confusing in the style of writing but it all becomes clear as the plot unravels, I certainly enjoyed the ride that she took me on with these characters.

This is merely the first in a trilogy, which I’m already hoping becomes more than just 3!

Suzi M has such descriptive writing its like reading in 4D; monsters come alive and you find yourself double taking the shadows.

Brilliant read or a fantastic new spooky world.

This is the 2nd instalment of the Immortal War, sequels should always be better and  my goodness this certainly was, I could not put it down!

Suzi M plunges you back down in to the depths of Hell with this love triangle tinged with violence, lust and that wonderful emotion, jealousy.

Again we are thrust between Lamia, Nemesis and Micheal.... this time we also get more of the torture from the Warlock, Janos, the lovely Demon Nivak and so many more mystical creatures; personally would love my own gargoyle!

With a spattering of dark humour - links to sexy vinyl clothing and new car smells, not to mention a deity that gets bored with knitting so goes on a bloody war rampage, this is a brilliant read.

Picks up straight away from the 1st installment and slowly unravels the mysteries behind all the torture and lust/love. You get much more background this time which allows you to imagine the length of time involved for these myths and gods to become such extremes in their "emotions".

Left with a cliff hanger, or should that be a Tower view, I am now locked into another days reading to find out what occurs to our lovers, the demons and basically humanity whilst Nemesis is locked in the Tower; can barely contain myself.

Wow what a conclusion to a brilliant trilogy (I do hope its only the start though).

Suzi M continues to show us the fabulous love affair of Lamia and Nemesis literally to death and back.

She manages to introduce more characters and interweave these myths, legends and deities into this modern twist. They are a mixture of real total terrors and heart crushing goodness, with a little of the grey bits in between.

Each character has such a presence I do hope Suzi M revisits this world and gives us more....her imagination is captivating.

I was especially impressed with the way she handled the overall "God" questions; with her normal humour, passion, understanding and brilliant little twist.... lovers tiffs indeed!

This is a NOT to be missed series....