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Jennifer Thomas reviews..... William Malbourg

Another wonderful guest post by the wonderful Jennifer Thomas, this is her take on William Malmborg.  After reading all her reviews I cant wait to get my teeth stuck in!

This is a great read full of suspense, I never knew what was going to happen when I turned the page.

Kimberly was so excited about her new apartment and being out on her own again after having to move back home with her parents but her life quickly becomes a nightmare before the dust even has time to settle in her new home. It all starts with a simple package that she figured is from her boyfriend but it quickly escalates from there.

Bill is just the man upstairs who just so happens to be a horror writer. He has done some things to make money before his writing career took off but he had no idea how bad things would turn when his new neighbor moves in. Never in a million years did he think the things that he had done in the past would come back and cause not only problems for him but to put his new neighbor in danger as well.

Even though Bill does not feel that anything that is going on is his fault he also feels the need to protect Kim and make sure she knows that he is there for her at any time.

But can Bill really help?
Can he be the hero to Kim?
Why does he feel he has to be?
All of this is revealed in Nikki's Secret

True to it's cover this book does indeed give you 10 dark tales but what the cover does not tell you that each of the tales also hold it's own level of emotion and loss. William Malmborg does a wonderful job of pulling you straight into all of his writings and this one is no different.

The first story, Redstone Lake, you are drawn into a world where hidden memories have emerged and Tim is forced to face something he has long forgotten. The terrifying past is determined to make him face what he has forgotten.

Now with a beginning like that you know that each story that follows has to be fantastic!!

I think the story that disturbed me most in this book was Sunburn. The things that went through the fathers mind in this story not only showed that he was insane from the loss of his wife but it also shows how horrific things can be once the human mind breaks.

This is a great read if you are looking for a new horror author to enjoy or if you are looking for a few short stories to pass a bit of time.

But I must warn you, since the first book I have read by this author I have been hooked. His writing has a way of getting in your head and you must have more.

As if anyone needs another reason to fear the mall in this day an age this book gives you one. The author wastes no time getting straight into the action and horror as he grabs you imagination and makes you watch the most horrible Christmas shopping trip ever.

William Malmborg has the ability to imagine the worst sexual serial killers I've ever read. 

The monster in this book got to me a little bit because his job is one that you are suppose to be able to trust but it is just where he needs to be to torture, control and kill.

This is a great book to read if you enjoy serial killer fiction or if you are looking for that great disturbing new read.

Once I started this book there was no way I could put it down. The author wastes no time in getting to the action and in getting your emotions to surface so you stay right on the edge of your seat as you read. My main emotions throughout the book were anger and fear. 

It has been a really long time that I have been so angry in a book that I wanted a character to die. I usually feel sadness for the villain in the books I read. 

Usually they are evil for a reason that is beyond their control but Jimmy has no other reason than he has a fetish that he has allowed to run ramped in his mind. His want to watch and control his captives have lead him past the point of no return. 

Even though Jimmy is the main character in this book there are so many characters that you will get to meet and know that makes this an even better read. 

There are stories within the story that keeps your mind focused in other directions besides the main shock and fear. This book also has love and caring within that will make your mind wonder why and how can these things happen to theses people.

I don't like to be a spoiler but I will give you warning that this book has one of the saddest endings ever. I was left with a wad of wet tissues around me as I finished. Not a bad ending by any means but just sad.

This is a sexual bondage horror and not for the faint of heart. I am a horror fan and at times this book was almost too hard for me to read but that is what I loved most about it. This book was a challenge of my mind and emotions. I look forward to reading everything William Malmborg has written and will write in the future.

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