Friday, 8 November 2013

Straight Up by J.A.Konwrath & Iain Rob Wright

This is a short story that introduces Lt Jack Daniels, a firm favourite of anyone that loves JAK and a new character from Iain Rob Wright,  Sarah Stone, to each other.

I am so chuffed to see these two authors collaborate as they have a sense of humour that is hard to match, especially when mixed with some straight up gruesome moments.
Some clever word links to lots of the JA Konwrath books, so be on the lookout, shame that IRW did not plonk some in there too.

The initial bristly conversation was great, you can instantly feel the rapport between these two tough ladies. 
When the action comes its fast and with a bluntness of horror that these two authors possess in bundles.
The humour interspersed was epic! I loved the English (language) vs Americanisms - inspired!

Already love Lt Jack Daniels, now I have a new lady to admire.....I hope they meet again (and the authors!)