Friday, 29 November 2013

Duplicity & The Mirrored Blade by Ian Woodhead

The concept of this is so original and with usual Ian Woodhead style, the characters are believable and most definitely 3D!

This story really grips you and I would be surprised if anyone was able to put it down once started.

Some hilarious conversation pieces which appear to be IW signature; he manages to capture real life so perfectly and then turn the most horrendous moments into hysterical giggles! Not sure I will ever get the thought of a 5ft raisin out of my head when I next see a little old man!

When the blood, gore and gruesome action came it was so fast I had to reread most of it to get who was who and what they were upto.... felt like I was in a hall of mirrors on acid.

Really want more back story on this fascinating species... though not sure how they can be adaptable yet a dying race? :(

I need to start begging as this story demands  a sequel? or a prequel? please, please... I need to know!

what was the background to the "sisters" thoughts?

what did they eat underground?

why not live in "harmony" albeit murderous with us above ground!

what was their back story to this leap into the unknown!


I really enjoyed this story, so much I had to read it twice! IW knack of such believable, rounded characters really brings the story alive, a bit like the knives which appear to be possessed! It was a classic good versus evil story with a paranormal twist.

As usual the characters are IW strength, so believable, so "predictable" (in, I would do that!) and often so funny, the dialogue is always the highlight for me. 

Told in differing PoV gives the story a really unique feel, although it did get a bit disorientating with the time shifts, so you need to concentrate.  The longer story line gives full range to Ian's true character developing talent!

The tale starts with a rather brutal killing that appears to become a central focus for weirder things! I can’t really give too much detail without giving it away.... but you won’t be disappointed.

This left me thinking for quite a while

One of IW best novels to date; wow at the stuff that deranged brain produces!!

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