Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Book of Riley: parts 1, 2 & 3 by Mark Tufo

Book of Riley: Part 1  once again Mr Tufo exceeds my expectations. I knew it! cats & dogs can talk!
What's not to love about this novella, apart from the odd human family that gets ripped to pieces, some weird a***hole of a redneck and the odd scare fest for the main characters.
Dogs act as you think dogs would act and cats, well they are cats.
Told from the PoV of the main dog, Riley, this tells of the initial horrorfest of zombie home invasion to the road trip they must take to visit a certain Talbot family.... not going to give the ending away but tears and grimacing will occur on your read through this book.
Some of Mr Tufo's best humour is in here, along with the heart break and gore moments.
Really looking forward to the next installment.
Just hope the dogs have learned to call guns, guns and not "thunder sticks" (my only moan!)

 Book of Riley: Part 2 :  so the action starts off straight back into the thick of things, no need for a recap; thank you Mr Tufo for being brave and recognising your loyal fans.  (plus if you are so idiotic as to pick up a no.2 book and complain about no back story, you really should not be able to read!).

The new developments are interesting!  the dog fights were horrific. I do hope Mia survives and becomes part of the pack....she is a great new character.

As Rileys humans are trying to get to Mike Talbot & his family (Zombie Fallout series) and they are not mentioned in the new book (6) I hope they make it and find them in book 7. Really would love to see Henry and Riley face rub.

So much humour in this novella it's sometimes hard then to swallow all the sadness and horror that comes with it; between bad men and dog fights this was essentially a sad book, it was bad enough that a certain wonderful character died.

Book of Riley: Part 3 ; wow that was one rip roaring ride.... I was on the edge of my seat with my teeth grinding for most of that!

Plus the tears.... Blimey, the heart break this author manages to throw at you is worse than the gore... almost! tears, I had actual tears, some where from the giggles. Horror and laughter, always from Mr Tufo!

Riley's pack manages to escape Vegas, sort of..... there are some close shaves, some deaths and the usual horrifying cliffhanger....