Monday, 30 September 2013

Print Edition of The Fairy Fly but Lori R. Lopez

This has just arrived!

The wonderful book The Fairy Fly by Lori R. Lopez

Exceptionally pretty illustrations of a fantastic story.

This is personally special too me as it has helped me get over my phobia of spiders.

Holiday Fun

So it has finally arrived, my BIG holiday of the year!

Basically that means I have three wonderful weeks off work where I don't have to put my uniform on or even put shoes on! and even better NOT get up early. 
Horah for me.

Now comes the "what shall I do with all this free time"?

Many moons ago it was suggested to me that I concentrate on one author for a WHOLE month, hmmmm I thought and started looking for an author that would keep me occupied for three weeks sat on my butt.

With SO many too choose from I was soon overwhelmed so I have decided to challenge myself and read 18 books in that time!

So here goes on the list (in no special order):

Progeny by Patrick C. Greene

Splatterpunk - charity anthology

Group 742, The Shadows & Redeem Code Here by Christine Sutton

Finding Poe by Leigh M. Lane

Interrupt by Jeff Carlson

Vampire of Plum Run by James Glass

DEAD: Reborn by TW Brown

Whisper by Michael Bray

Animal Kingdom (revamp) by Iain Rob Wright

Darlings Of Decay - anthology

Pressure by Jeff Strand

Horror Stories: Shorts Collection by Jack Kilborn/ JA Konrath

Under the Scotch Broom, A Concealed Hand & George's Tonic by Allison M. Dickson (short stories)

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo - now technically I have already read this but its my "LotR or IT", my comfort zone and I was so new at reviewing books when I started (still learning) that I really didn't do it justice.

so, there it is!

Watch this space..... any comments would be welcome (as always)

High Moor2: Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds

Finally the sequel!

No slow preamble to bore his faithful readers but just enough at the beginning to remind you of the previous horror, but if in doubt High Moor is always a good (re)read.

Graeme Reynolds thrusts you face first into some very brutal fight scenes, don't read this if you are a slight bit squeamish, his ability to describe the scene is immense and leaves you in no doubt as to what bit is dripping off of where.

The fur certainly flew in several directions along with blood, some guts and various other previously attached body parts. In fact it felt so bloody I needed a shower after!  No body part are left unmunched on by these well rounded werewolves. I think the evisceration scene will stay with me for a while.

These werewolves are unique in their "make up" which I am eager to find out more about, I hope this gets further explained and examined in HM 3 which I am begging for! The background story and the "missing" pieces of history which are eluded too just make me crave this more.

With no clear definition of which group is good or evil.... You kind of route for both sides, which is fabulous. The ending is fantastic and real edge of seat stuff.

If you enjoy this you should head on over to his blog page and enjoy all the shorts that he has written, I think Mr Whiskers is my favourite!

My only complaint would be the slowness with which Mr Reynolds writes, as I have waited so long for this sequel, that said the perfection and attention to detail is amazing, so I will let him off a little bit.

High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

I was riveted from the start, what a way to open a book! Graeme Reynolds certainly grabs the wolf by the tail.

Originally I was grabbed by the cover, but the story is original and fast paced.

Big chunks of the book are set in the 1980s so the referencing (which is almost OCD in accurateness) really brought my childhood back with a bang; minus the bone crunching, bone munching werewolves of course.

This has villains/bullies you hate, heroes you love... and the odd weird American! love it!

The settings are fantastically broody in some cases, but basically boil down to brutality with so much realism, its kind of gross, these are not cuddly werewolves.
Lots of back story and left open for more expansion of this interesting world. (book 2 is on the way!)

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves horror or the werewolf genre!

The Murdered Metatron by James Glass

Recovered from a coma, poor John Smith remembers nothing, but manages to forge a meagre living.

Then two Demons show up at his door and drag him into the seedy world of Angels and Demons, who happen to frequent a café staffed by people stuck in Limbo.

A cleverly plotted thriller that slowly dribbles clues, each giving a little slanted piece of the puzzle.

Some very cute "make you smile" moments, some "oooh well I never" moments and a fairly sad moral moment.

Really enjoyed this tale.

Creep by William Cook

Not sure why this author is not more heralded. He is pretty awesome.

His ability to lay down the outline of the story, feed you some facts and then let your imagination run wild is brilliant!

The story starts off as your regular trip to the airport, which of course (its a horror story!) goes wrong.... poor Cassandra is subjected to a couple of seriously bad weeks.

Then the tables turn.... I would have liked more revenge but hey its not my story!

Its a good,quick read with a great ending.

Keep your eye on this author!

Blood Related by William Cook

A twisted family history that can only lead to one thing.... Caleb and Charlie; twins that are psychotic killers.

Little snippets of news and flashes of internal dialogue make for a realistic story flow, with some deep subject matter.

Its so engrossing you can lose yourself in this book, so make sure you have a safety rope, as it gets really twisted.

As with other stories I have read from Mr Cook he takes time to read, this is not a quick, speed read type of book, he is intricate and soul destroying on the journey he takes you.

Not for the squeamish!

Last Stand of the Laughing Man by William Cook

Two not so short stories....

The first is a really disturbing; a sad, sad world is painted and then an equally lonely man is placed in the middle to survive, or not....

Well written and gripping but gosh so depressing! But it does what it says on the tin I guess, its just not my favourite genre of horror.

The second story really did not grip me, I felt a little confused about what was going on, but think that was just me being overloaded from the first story.

Mr Cook is such an intense writer that you really need time to digest the depth of his stories.

MEAT by Michael Bray

I'm glad I waited to eat my dinner AND that I had already been shopping and got out alive, before I read this!

Can I ever enter a supermarket again.....

A great moral tale with a sting, and a bite, a chop, the odd missing foot and various other nasties.

Really looking forward to the novel Whisper from Mr Bray although this was a really long novella!

Scratchers by Michael Bray

A little snack of a creepy tale, just enough to wet your appetite and show you the talent of this brilliant British author; Michael Bray! such as Meat, which continues to totally freak me out!

Prepared only with his drunken wits, a few mouse traps and an over-sized coffee cup our "hero" is subjected to torture by the Scratchers!

With blood on the walls and sirens blaring, who will win out?
Read it and find out!!

Dark Corners by Michael Bray

Michael Bray already freaked me out with Meat and in this, his first book, he does amazing things, include remind me never to go to his home town!

12 tales that leap from all manner of Hell!

Zombies, serial killers that are interviewed by demons and go loco down in Brazil, ghosts that return to murder, a clown gone mad, a demons lover, a tale of revenge, psychotic grannies and murdering preacher men, reset buttons in boxes, a recycling drive, hungry China men and of course the Apocalypse!

Flowing through them all is an interlinking element, very clever indeed.

I loved every story, all unique and all brilliantly portrayed.

Apocrypha of the Apocalypse by Suzi M

An anthology... oh how I love those!!

This starts with a wide eyed bang!

What follows are some really great short stories, some are only a few paragraphs long but have enough punch to give you a good brain whack!

I love the characters that are added throughout the book and they way they interact in differing spaces and times; some with really great humour.

Some of these stories are available separately, the authors have expanded some of them, so dont skip! plus you get a real buzz rereading them!

Near the end of the book you get a nice long "short" story to really get your teeth into...

and then it finishes with some strange ramblings... not my favourite bit, but I can see the appeal!

I fell in love with these "authors" long ago, I love the way they draw you in and hang you out to dry... begging for the next bit of story! The world that has been created is one of demons, vamps and gosh knows what else!!

The Demons Tale by Suzi M

Told as a conversation in a tunnel under Glastonbury Tor between a monk and a demon!

This unfolds to tell you the tale of 3 demons who think that the way we live now is worse than hell! and try to change things....
Ironic? Sad? left me thinking...

I read  Unnatural by Lori R. Lopez straight after and it really left me thinking about the state of humanity and the destruction of the world.

A bit too deep for a fictional novella? well, both are wonderful writers and smart women and shouldn't all literature leave you thinking?

Enochs Devil by Suzi M

Too be honest this was a short story recommended to me in a group on FB and I was a little dubious. 

However, I was really AMAZED!!

I so fell in love with this writer, wow, talk about draw you and hang you out to dry... begging for the next bit of story!

Brilliant build up of "what the heck is that?!" and not let down by the monster that emerges!

Cant wait to get my teeth in to the next book.... or is that the other way round?

Although a great little story on its own you cant help but then wonder what else is going on... which leads you to Suzi M's Immortal War Collection, however this is currently being revamped by  MayDecember Publishing so expect a big promo' soon!

The Stonehenge Man Incident by Suzi M

This is a short story that shows you snippets of a strange story told via  newspaper articles; a brilliant concept.

Very sharp and snappy but leaves lots to the imagination....

Really enjoyed this little blast from Suzi-M

Full Moon Rising: Monster Squad by Heath Stallcup

So, I managed to read the first in this series Return of the Phoenix in one sitting and was stunned at how brilliant this was, so I tried very hard to make this novel last a bit longer, sadly it only took 3 days but OMG it was not a disappointment.

A very few brief lines of catch up from the first novel, which I love as a "faithful reader"; if you are picking up a 2nd book in a series don't expect to know what's going on!

All the best characters are there, expanded a little and added to slightly.

The story develops and we get to see more great fight scenes, all very military based, lots of gun jargon and some amazingly fantastic back stories to a few more monster kills/re-locations.

The main story though comes on leaps and (werewolf) bounds; alliances are forged, seals are (not) broken, people are kidnapped.

Some really good one line humour moments and a drive from the airport that had me in stitches as a new character is brought in, and oh my are you in for a treat!  (any Zombie Fallout fans will be elated)

Again with the unexpected ending, I will be stalking Heath Stallcup until no.3 is released, I hoping for many, many more in this series; the characters are now part of my life and I am already missing Jack.

I only have one niggle.... what happened to all the blush inducing sex?

Return of the Phoenix by Heath Stallcup

Ok, it is hard to believe that this is the first book from this author, I'm sure (and hoping!) he has many hidden away, ready to launch.

It is simply AMAZING!

The whole layout of the story is brilliant, he slowly gives you background on every member of the "squad" and the main outer characters, without detracting from the story line, each little nugget of information really blends in and allows the character to become real; I am already missing them.

There is some seriously hard core military stuff for those of you that like it, but nothing that bores us non gun toting fans silly.

The humour is subtle but grin worthy. The erotica was fantastic, not gratuitous and very much needed in such a hard hitting novel, plus its done with love, a strange concept for sex but I found myself really "enjoying" the scenes! and grinning alot too!

Now for the monsters!
Well from vamps to werewolves to trolls and everything else that goes bump in the night.... what can you say! Heath Stallcup even manages to have back stories on these guys! I am sort of expecting a troll to turn up in my back garden any minute now and will be most disappointed if it doesn't!

The little blurb at the end promises at least three more in the series... I will be booking the release date day off as Holiday to fully enjoy it.....
bring it on!

This new author is one to WATCH!!!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Book Launch Party!!

a new anthology!!

Please feel free to come and join the party!

Day One Zombie Outbreak by Christine Sutton

l loved all the differing perspectives, this novella is set out like a set of diaries...The style really lends itself to the story telling.

Interesting view on how the zombies feel as they are turning, left me thinking about the small moments in an apocalypse. 

Nicely left open for a sequel... which I would love to read!!
a good, fun but horrifying book!

Christine Sutton certainly has a way of sneaking up on you with the gore!

Kayla: enchanted modern fairy tales! by Christine Sutton

RED: In this first chapter of the book you are introduced to a cute character, Kayla, who is not quite the dumb idiot bimbo in most horror films who goes down the dark alley alone but she is not far off!!

Her inquisitiveness and personality seem to get her into all sorts of trouble... and this is only the beginning!

Christine Sutton slowly builds up the suspense, with hints at what might be, but then does a nice little twist at the end!

SNOW: This second chapter carries on the Kayla saga, can things get any worse for this more girl, well it seems, yes!

If the first tale incorporated the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale this one makes you giggle with the references to Snow White, complete with little people! and wonderful fairy tale ending... sort of!

Very clever writing, introducing some great new characters with a dash of magic and fairy dust.

LET ME COME IN: The next instalment of Kayla's mad life does not disappoint.

Hysterical & horrendous nods to The Three Little Pigs; has almost put me off bacon sandwiches, almost!

Bit more gore in this one and plenty more magic to explain the wonderful details of a strange, warped fairy tale world!

Ms Sutton has excelled herself with the details in this fantastic modern day twisted tale, adding another layer of fantasy and a beautiful new character that you find yourself already in love with.

GRACE IN THE DARK: Such a shame that Ms Sutton has decided this is her final instalment of the Kayla series as they are so enjoyable, but she does tidy up all the loose ends and leaves you feeling very full (mostly of giggles and love).

This book dives into the magical world once again, but further along their life lines, we now have the little baby Grace as a little girl....and a cute one at that!

We meet old friends and new enemies with a clever twist of humour and Grimm style horror.

A brilliant tale that is funny, gore laden and exceptionally clever!

All the Little Children by Christine Sutton

Seems to bump along, nice happy families etc... 

Then the horror begins. A bit of ghost story, possession, poltergeist and demons all rolled into one sharp, snappy gore fest.

Death and its vivid descriptions just bolt off the pages.

I cant really write about the story without giving it away other than the ending leaves you with a cold shudder in on a warm sunny day!

Great, quick read, perfect for a lunch time spine chill.

Shame the Devil by Christine Sutton (short story)

Just as well this is a short story as I almost could not bear the tension.

Two men in a lift... or are they?!

Some serious gore with a nail biting finish; prepare yourself for a shock.

You cannot go wrong with this author!  Christine Sutton

Prodigal Son by Christine Sutton

What a page turner. I could not stop reading once I had started; thankfully, or not, this is a short story so I was not routed to the chair for days on end.

A most disgusting story of a mistreated child who has the unfortunate issues of having serials killers for parents. He lives upto his full deranged expectancy of nature compounded by nurture.

Cleverly written so you get a full on front seat of all the horrors and gore. Christine Sutton is an awesome author with a wide variety of genres.

Can you feel sorry for this poor young man??

Even sat in my warm lounge with a cat on my lap I felt spooked.
The ending will have you gripping the edges of your kindle/book!

Jaime Johnesse

The amazing writer Jaime Johnesse has a new blog!

Author of Shifters and Bob The Zombie to name but two of her great books!

The wonderful Leigh M. Lane

Author site for novelist and screenwriter Leigh M. Lane.

Finding Poe & World-Mart   always an interesting read!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Diary of a Storyteller: Book Party

Diary of a Storyteller: Book Party: “Have you considered doing an online book party?” Leslie Whitaker asked me on facebook. I had, but I didn’t know what to do with one. “C...

The Happy Seat by Greg Sisco

Mr Sisco's writing style is short, sharp and horrifying.

This is the tale of a "retard" (the authors words, not mine) who has fallen in love.

He makes a giant leap of faith and then promptly kills someone in some strange theory of eternal love, (gosh darn those postal workers!) eventually landing himself away from the "egg on toast" and on to the happy seat.

This story jumps from past to present tense several times, but is told so well you have no issues keeping up!

Is the true horror the rail-roading to the Happy Seat or the misguided love?
brilliant story, fantastic writing!

The Tenth Photograph by Greg Sisco

I love this authors writing style, short, snappy and mostly funny!

A tale of a lost love trying to regain interest.

9 photos are shared over coffee.... we never get to the 10th to show the true nature of what is going on.

Kept in suspense until the last sentence, very clever!

Not even close to the twist I was expecting!

One Night Stans by Greg Sisco

A story that is told over the course of a night at One Night Stan's stripper bar! 

Brilliant tale of some missing money, a mistimed phone call and FBI serial killer hunt that weaves all the characters together on this one night of mayhem.

This is so revolting good!

The tale is so intricate and cleverly put together, yet it is easy to follow with some hilarious characters!

The fantastic writing of Greg Sisco left me giggling at horrific torture scenes and then catching myself in a guilty pleasure; you can tell he had a riot writing this.

I learnt some nice new phrases! Hurly the half tailed human wont be far from my thoughts next time I visit Asda/Wallmart!

The Russian Bob legends are so awesome - worth reading the novel just for those one liners!

The climactic scenes at the end are like being on a a hijacked bus ride, splattering passengers as you go...

My first novel by Mr Sisco, I have just bought all his others... and will be looking out for more.

Famous Monsters!!

An awesome online magazine and sooo much more!

If you love Sci-Fi or Horror - or just anything Monster! get your butt over there!

Have a peek in the archives for some great DVD reviews, my personal favourite is the Prince of Darkness!

Echoes Past: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

Wham, straight back into the action, not even time to go food shopping or have a shower for poor Frank before another form of Armageddon drops in his lap (just when does this poor Demon eat or sleep?).

This time the poor sap has aliens to deal with, plus a little home Truth.

Whilst in the finding of the Truth, Frank has his fair share of dead ends, fist fights, magical bursts, town destruction and heart ache. 

However, not all is as it seems me thinks!

Some main characters die in this book, brave of the author, but what brilliant endings.

I have hastily bought book no.5 as Echoes of the Past ended on such a cliffhanger I nearly fell off my chair.

Friday, 27 September 2013

At the Gates: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

I am so annoyed, I am yet again addicted to Frank! Like a bad habit you want to break I keep going back for more, and LOVING it!

The not-quite Hero with some serious flaws; boobs and being a trouble magnet being just two of them.

I was elated to see that Chatterbox also plays a staring role, he is like the Kevin Smith of the book world; silent but a deafening presence.

As Heaven battles it out and the Tree of Life threatens to undo Creation this ragbag team from DRAC try hard to find all the clues, fight off werebears (I kid you not!), whack-a-mole vamps and Angels that don't seem to know they are supposed to be the good guys, to save Humanity. Mr Marquitz manages to weave myth, religion and fantasy into an exquisite mix of horror, humour and mystery.

I know I shouldn't be but I am astounded that the author, self proclaimed metal-head, martial arts tough guy can write such intricate story lines, giving you all the clues but not quite letting you join the dots until the final few chapters and with such sensitivity. 

He also manages to give you some awesome giggle moments, fantastic fight scenes and some touching heart melt moments without making you feel icky, not that you don't get that sensation in other areas of the book!

I now find I am having to pace myself before rushing to buy and read his entire catalogue..... food,work, social life and housework can wait til next month