Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nightsound by Jerry McKinney

This collection would be an excellent way to find out about this author, he has a brilliant style of writing that leaves you wanting more but not sure if you can stand it.

He covers pretty much ever horror genre known and then makes up a few of his own!

(Most of these are published as stand alone short stories)

Night sound: Oh great, that's all I need, things that go bump in the night to have an explanation! This little story really gave me the creeps... who doesn't wake up with the pounding heart thinking "what was that" on occasion.... Well now I know.... I wish I didn't.

Feed: This was recommended to me... and at first I was really unsure.. it leapt along with so many cliches that i was groaning and about to give up. HOWEVER... it soon slowed and gave such vivid brain visuals it was impressive... but the best bit, in a sad way, is the ending, unique and mind blowing! I would really like the author to revise this and maybe eek it a little bit more, the bits I enjoyed were over in seconds, and ending just touched on the potential horror!  Feed

Lie Canthropy: If the merit of a horror story can be measured by the amount of bile you have to swallow back down then this hits the top spot! How can you gush when you have a mouthful of that... drool maybe?! riveted from the first paragraph I almost fell in love with the old barber... the build up for the little girl was amazing, all the villagers etc. So the ending was a real shock! Apart from the snappy writing style seems to be Jerry McKinney forte!! A shock ending, you really don't see them coming! as always, I always beg him to please write a longer novel!!! I would love to entertained by you for days instead of hours!  Lie-Canthropy

Paperwork: An unloved colleague, the butt of all the office jokes, no wonder he and the stapler have so much fun!

In Extremis: More than fast paced this author is short, sharp, crisp & detached. In a few words he describes a scene allowing you to develop it in your mind before slamming you into the next horror. This zombie interlude gives no explanations, nor needs one, with no start or finish, just a plop straight into the middle; another great ending, without any gush at all Mr McKinney has become a firm favourite.  In-Extremis

Abe: The story starts off with your regular psycho having tied up a lovely woman, then all hell breaks loose!! Gore and weirdness ooze from the pages (and from other parts too!) and WHAM you have the end, which left me a little spooked. Had to read it twice to make sure I was going bonkers! really good short, sharp read!  Abe

Patchouli: Young love or lust, plays terrible tricks on your mind, or does it? I almost felt like I was spying on the central character, wanted to like him but wasn't upset with the ending! Not sure I ever want to see stains on the wall or smell patchouli oil again, ending was a bit too abrupt for me, would have like more explanation as to why?  Patchouli

Takers: as per the normal for Mr McKinney you land, like a worm infested pod, slap bang in the middle of the horror, you know from the first sentence what awaits you will be yuckyduckydooda but you keep reading as he enthralls you with his story telling. No long winded back story, just a blast into the here and now with a loving family literally eaten alive, dogs, worms, humans? who cares, blood and brains for everyone! its picnic day at the beach! a "fun" little read that leaves you a little slimey and not really looking forward to your lunch of spaghetti on toast! Takers

Tears of Love: a whole childhood moment wrapped in total horror! This left me feeling really bereft and tearful. Mr McKinney has such a knack of drawing you in and then spitting you out all chewed up and a little shaken! Such power in so few words. Tears of Love

Tick: I thought it was only me that was driven bonkers by ticking clocks, a relentless story of Colin going bonkers,  although he didn't have to go too far! Anyone who has felt true rage will understand how Colin feels. It's just a bit spooky to have it written down for you! Mr Mckinneys has a way of leaving you biting your nails to the pulp and he then finishes you off by sprinkling salt with his final words. Tick

Christmas Spirit: A good twist on the Night before Xmas yarn, with a fab ending! Just how far will we go for a happy ending? Beats the angel getting its wings hands down!  Christmas Spirit

Flesh & Blood: Mr McKinney style seems to be the little details of normal life that you get sucked in. With the clunk of a cleaver a boy becomes a man, but the horror has started way before then.
As a bystander to the story with information about transmission you can't help but whimper, cringe and flinch when this poor child's life gets turned upside down and continues to get beaten with the horror stick. The story is left on a high note, but is it really, will he last long in the new, cannibalistic world?  Flesh & Blood

Death Bonds: Bent halos... what a great description for a marriage with problems! Linda's "affair" was so truthful it hurt. Then the pleasantries stop! A full on ghost story with a stomach churning ending. Mr McKinney yet again manages to wrap you up in a story which throws you from happy families to complete horror in a turn of a page; descriptive to the point of smelling the characters, you come away from the book with a distinct chill and sense of yuck! awesome! Death Bonds

I.C.U.: How can I ever trust a Hospital porter/orderly again! Will he smell my crotch? Stab me in the throat? Or just chop me into pieces! However, that's never all the story with Mr McKinney! There is the dreadful back story, as always I was rooting for the wrong guy! And then the twist in the tale!

I do wish Jerry McKinney would produce a full novel to expand on his unique thoughts... although I would probably need some prozac to calm down afterwards!

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