Sunday, 29 September 2013

Kayla: enchanted modern fairy tales! by Christine Sutton

RED: In this first chapter of the book you are introduced to a cute character, Kayla, who is not quite the dumb idiot bimbo in most horror films who goes down the dark alley alone but she is not far off!!

Her inquisitiveness and personality seem to get her into all sorts of trouble... and this is only the beginning!

Christine Sutton slowly builds up the suspense, with hints at what might be, but then does a nice little twist at the end!

SNOW: This second chapter carries on the Kayla saga, can things get any worse for this more girl, well it seems, yes!

If the first tale incorporated the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale this one makes you giggle with the references to Snow White, complete with little people! and wonderful fairy tale ending... sort of!

Very clever writing, introducing some great new characters with a dash of magic and fairy dust.

LET ME COME IN: The next instalment of Kayla's mad life does not disappoint.

Hysterical & horrendous nods to The Three Little Pigs; has almost put me off bacon sandwiches, almost!

Bit more gore in this one and plenty more magic to explain the wonderful details of a strange, warped fairy tale world!

Ms Sutton has excelled herself with the details in this fantastic modern day twisted tale, adding another layer of fantasy and a beautiful new character that you find yourself already in love with.

GRACE IN THE DARK: Such a shame that Ms Sutton has decided this is her final instalment of the Kayla series as they are so enjoyable, but she does tidy up all the loose ends and leaves you feeling very full (mostly of giggles and love).

This book dives into the magical world once again, but further along their life lines, we now have the little baby Grace as a little girl....and a cute one at that!

We meet old friends and new enemies with a clever twist of humour and Grimm style horror.

A brilliant tale that is funny, gore laden and exceptionally clever!

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