Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Killers by Christine Sutton

I really enjoy all of Christine Suttons' work!  

She is very skilled in her story telling and leads you on and in before delivering the punch!

She also has a brilliant ability to make you laugh at the same time as freaking you out!

None of that is lost in this compilation of 4 shortish stories!

Kill Two Birds: freaky in the extreme, be careful what you are upto as someone is always watching!

Hindsight: oh this is so sad and yet so horrific all in one, a much longer story than the others.

Mommy: wasn't sure where this was going until the last sentence, hehehe!

Killers Anonymous: strange little story! felt a little unfinished, ungroomed almost, but still great.

If you really want to see the talent of this author try thKayla: Enchanted Fairy (tales with a modern twist)