Wednesday, 25 September 2013

General comment

So, back at the begining of the year (2013) I noted lots of Blogs popping up on my FB news feed, ooooh  I thought, that looks great.....

Huh!  its only taken me 8 months to get the hang of it, and that's with lots of friends help and some strong coffee!

So here it is, I'm always open to suggestions and welcome any input.

This will be primarily for book reviews with the odd random comment, I can't imagine anyone would be overly interested in what I have to say and the occasional Movie Review as I also adore the world of film (my genres are the same!).

If I could work out how to add my own gadgets you would be seeing some cats or foxes frolicking at the top of the page instead of fishes, but as I have a tank full of them, with some happy clams too, they will have to suffice.

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