Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Lonely Walk by Billie Sue Mosiman

A rather quietly grotesque look at a zombies after death!

Wonderfully written, you can almost believe it to be a true "diary".

My belief was stretched a bit too far with the zombie narrator able to walk soooo far with bits of him falling to pieces.... but this only stopped it being fantastic! it was still an amazing read...

Billie Sue Mosiman is a very clever writer, she draws you in and then smacks you about a bit without actually making you feel bruised.... only after, in the dark, alone, do you feel a small shudder as you start to ponder the story she has lain before you.

Whats worse in a Zombie Apocalypse .... surviving alive or dead?

Would have loved to find out what happened to the family left behind.

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