Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Two for the price of one... how can you not be tempted?

You have to love the cover artwork too, that is so special and so creepy but it makes you look a little harder, although you may not have wanted to!

Prey: Detective Shane Calvin is having a really rough day, he gulps one bourbon after the other trying to drown out the News, as a colleague sits down to the shoot the breeze, it all pours out in little flashbacks; a great way to tell the story!

Having come to this novel via the Demon Squad Series series I had high expectations, I was not let down, the pace is the same but the "accent" is different, also gone is the humour but that would be out of place in this gruesome story.

The 360 descriptive feel of how Mr Marquitz (Tim Marquitz: Author Page)  writes is definitely there, you cant say he does not give you a full on gore scene and then throw in some even more horrific human nature just to top it off.

The clever writing skills of showing you all the pieces but not the ceipher lasts to the very final chapter where all things come together and you feel a sense of satisfaction.
Brilliant read!

Anathema: I'm not sure how I felt about this one; sorrow, despair, revenge.... well written just haunting in its sadness. As a poor mans life is tricked away from him he plots his payback with devastating consequences.

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