Friday, 27 September 2013

Resurrection: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

I really enjoyed the first book in this series Armageddon Bound (Demon Squad) but found the writing/fighting a little repetitive and some of the information a bit "raw"; however Tim Marquitz has certainly polished his writing skills and this second part of the series is just brilliant!

The same characters have become more rounded, with hints as to how they became who they are, this was very clever writing, I want more, yes I'm hooked on Mr Maquitz.

New characters and creatures are fantastically explained, the details are gut wrenchingly disgusting, some serious thought (and research) has gone into this.

The whole story line is inspired from its slow build up to the tension, edge of seat finale; as for the cliffhanger ending.... I bought book no.3 within seconds!

Frank is a very flawed demon, but one you can't help but love. I would really like more back stories on the other characters and hope that Mr Marquitz also sees the "mileage" in this series.

However, my favourite chappy of all in this book was Chatterbox! omg so funny.

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