Monday, 30 September 2013

Apocrypha of the Apocalypse by Suzi M

An anthology... oh how I love those!!

This starts with a wide eyed bang!

What follows are some really great short stories, some are only a few paragraphs long but have enough punch to give you a good brain whack!

I love the characters that are added throughout the book and they way they interact in differing spaces and times; some with really great humour.

Some of these stories are available separately, the authors have expanded some of them, so dont skip! plus you get a real buzz rereading them!

Near the end of the book you get a nice long "short" story to really get your teeth into...

and then it finishes with some strange ramblings... not my favourite bit, but I can see the appeal!

I fell in love with these "authors" long ago, I love the way they draw you in and hang you out to dry... begging for the next bit of story! The world that has been created is one of demons, vamps and gosh knows what else!!

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