Friday, 27 September 2013

R.I.P.D the Movie

So, last night a few friends of mine and I went out for a Movie and something to eat. 

The trailer for this is excellent and that usually means you have already seen all the best bits, not so with this movie!

The basic premise is that the lovely Ryan Reynolds is shot whilst on duty, whilst on his way to Judgement Day he is whisked out the loop by the R.I.P. Department and is then obliged to spend the next 100yrs working for them to gain brownie points.

He is dumped with a mentor in the form of 1800's Lawman Jeff Bridges, who with the aid of cotton balls and fabulous facial hair is hilarious and almost unrecognisable! 

On their first ride out they get stuck into a case that's basically bringing about the Apocalypse; well of course!

There are some great CGI effects (freaky if you watch in 3D), the exploding cars and whirling buildings in the climax scene are fabulous.

Some awesome make up, the special effects team obviously had fun with thinking up these bad guys! Kevin Bacon is amazing!

Touching moments; 'my face was eaten by a vulture, my bones taken into a cave, a cave man! and I was skull fucked by a coyote" - one of the best deaths ever!

Fantastic humourous moments; we were laughing out loud many, many times. Who knew that cumin exposed the dead!  My favourite scene has to be when they find out how live people see them and his gun is a banana, ohmyyygerd! 

I would highly recommend this film, not just as popcorn, as its too well done for that but as a fast paced action thriller too.  I really do hope this is the start of a series. 

As a side issue we started off at Wagamamas, now usually we like Nandos as its yummy, cheap, we get an NHS discount and pretty much all of us dieters, veggies and allergy sufferers can eat at the same table!

But, as said, we thought we would try it.

Interesting concept that when you order you get it as its ready, so some of you are eating whilst the others are waiting, yes I can see the pros' you are not letting food just "sit" but equally most restaurants can manage to cook things so they are all ready at the same time; I'm actually pretty good at this in my OWN kitchen!

So, we all choose, my wheat allergy friend was presented with the "Allergy Book" which would have taken all night to read if the helpful waitress had not intervened! why not just give a separate menu for the different allergies?  

That said my chicken & mandarin salad (am on a diet, lifelong! another blog!) was well thrown together. A bit boring as I had no dressing (see the diet bit)  and occasionally sour due to the radicchio lettuce (bleurgh), happily I was unable to eat the cashews as my (current) braces will not allow nuts, because when I got home I nearly passed out at the nutrional values! how can a salad be 790 cals!! Wagamama Menu

So, for me at least, that was a first and LAST time visit.

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