Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Life Near The Bone by Billie Sue Mosiman

This would be a brilliant book to start you off on Billie Sue Mosiman.
3 stories in differing lengths.

Antidote: a medium length novella; a wonderful description of a world taken over by vampires, just a bit too late to realise they have killed all the "food" off! but not without unleashing an "antidote! so this is a little tale of one vampire who has a journey to go on... in search of the cure to the antidote!! what a sad but beautiful ending.

Rosa Two-coins: a short story; some missing letters and spelling issues but probably due to the edition on Amazon not author error. Loved the portrayal of Rosa as fog; insubstantial.... wow. A short tale of a dept not paid on time! when will greedy people learn!

Banished: a longer novella (which is now published separately and has a prequel called ANGELIQUE) WOW this was such a riveting story I could not put it down. Having read the little novella that introduces you to a sweet looking girl, who turns out to be a fallen angel who is far from angelic; I was hooked.

This novel slams you right into it from the first few pages, you witness the angel taking over the girls body and how it corrupts those around her.... and the horror that she does to keep her from boredom!
The links to historic places/events are inspired!

As you come further into the future (the here & now) this little horror child picks up a few minions along the way. Reading their transformation made my heart weep.....

This is a brilliant book from the prolific Ms Mosiman; this book should be an easy read and let you know just how she achieves certain terror and shake levels in her readers.

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