Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Containment Room 7 by Bryan Hall

So if you haven't read the blurb  then this is a sci-fi/horror mix! and a brilliant one at that.

The basic story is of a space going science lab on a deep  and secret mission to study a black hole, the team then discover a "pod" that they decide to bring aboard; all the Hell follows with it, from surprisingly different quarters.

Clever use of future and sci-fi to explain the amazing weapons and cures for injuries and certain ills, plus the reader is given a glimpse of the true horrors that could occur in our future if current issues are not resolved. These are so woven into the story you find yourself thinking about this much later on, way past the ending of the book!

Mr Hall has a great style of introducing characters that come alive; which he then manages to kill off, but not in an annoying James Herbert way, oh no! this is much better, you care about these people and want to root for them.

I loved the style of writing, engaging and not too fast paced that you cant keep up with the story; however, I disliked the ending, it didn't give me enough closure, that said, as time is passing I am finding little elements that I hadn't thought of whilst reading this book. 

Too say its a deep book would be over creaming the pudding, its a brilliant read with great entertainment, BUT, if you think about the ending and the general goings on... you will be left contemplating your navel (albeit in the bath maybe, not whilst in a yoga position!).

Really looking forward to reading more.

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