Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Callis Rose by Mark Tufo

Well known for his Zombie Fallout & Indian Hill series this is a branch to the left... and a brilliant one!

In the vein of Carrie & Sam: A Novel Of Suspense a misunderstood, psychic child reeks havoc.

This is a heartrending, horror style story, based in/on the awful truth of the child fostering society (which translates very well to the situations you find across the pond to the UK).

The story of Callis Rose unfolds; this young girl slowly comes undone as society tears little pieces from her and she exacts revenge with a unique ability! but does she cause it all herself?

Cleverly written, with all the angst of childhood, preteen and then the actual real horror of teenage years. 

Some brilliant characters, which you love, loathe and nail bite over; with a nice touch for the ZF fans. I went from loving Callis, to hate, to pity and back again.
Some great humour moments, as is always with Mr Tufo.

As a UK girl some of the (American) football chat went over my head!
and for the love of all things good and gooey Mr Tufo please stop killing dogs!

A great read... could not put down, literally, I think I was being possessed!


  1. You're the best Vix! Thank you for the review! (check is in the mail) Blog looks awesome by the way.

  2. OOOOH my first ever comment!!