Monday, 30 September 2013

High Moor2: Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds

Finally the sequel!

No slow preamble to bore his faithful readers but just enough at the beginning to remind you of the previous horror, but if in doubt High Moor is always a good (re)read.

Graeme Reynolds thrusts you face first into some very brutal fight scenes, don't read this if you are a slight bit squeamish, his ability to describe the scene is immense and leaves you in no doubt as to what bit is dripping off of where.

The fur certainly flew in several directions along with blood, some guts and various other previously attached body parts. In fact it felt so bloody I needed a shower after!  No body part are left unmunched on by these well rounded werewolves. I think the evisceration scene will stay with me for a while.

These werewolves are unique in their "make up" which I am eager to find out more about, I hope this gets further explained and examined in HM 3 which I am begging for! The background story and the "missing" pieces of history which are eluded too just make me crave this more.

With no clear definition of which group is good or evil.... You kind of route for both sides, which is fabulous. The ending is fantastic and real edge of seat stuff.

If you enjoy this you should head on over to his blog page and enjoy all the shorts that he has written, I think Mr Whiskers is my favourite!

My only complaint would be the slowness with which Mr Reynolds writes, as I have waited so long for this sequel, that said the perfection and attention to detail is amazing, so I will let him off a little bit.

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