Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Miami Spy Games: Russian by Armand Rosamilia

Originally this novella was serialised... not sure why the publishers chose to change it as Armand Rosamilia managed to leave you on the edge of your seat with each installment; like the old Saturday matinee movie features. However, the price is brilliant for such a great read.

Using the "real" news item surrounding the infamous "Bath Salt Zombie" in Miami this story gives you little flashes of the real news and keeps the story focused whilst giving an authentic feel, to this zombie/spy world.

It is not long before you are launched straight into the gore laden scenes of Cops vs Zombies! and they do as all 1st respondents typically do in hero style they get eaten! teeth gnash and lumps fly!

The inevitable "shoot 'em" ups come too late, even though as a reader you are banging your head on the table!

Two seconds later the male hormones of the ACES team is up and running in true style!

As the subterfuge grows and the hunt for the zombie gun continues, the Russians continue to monitor "the enemy" and the Americans try to control everything.

Humour, gore and brilliant background stories to each of the characters, brings much more life to the plot.

Corners of triangles and zombie goats are amongst my favourite giggle moments!

This is a riveting read not to be missed....

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