Thursday, 26 September 2013

Chocolate Covered Eyes by Lori R. Lopez

Ms Lopez style was initially a bit of a shock to me... its a bit like going out for fish 'n' chips and ending with the a silver service, fine dining novelle cuisine meal!

If you are looking for some light reading, run away now... Lori is intense, emotion evoking, gigglesome in parts, never dull and exhausting in her descriptions.

To start with, I tried to "just" read Lori's wondrous outpourings, but oh no, you need to digest them, allow them to flow over you and get lost in her unique worlds....
I love her ideas and the way she teaches me new words on nearly every page! to this actual book!

Not sure I will ever accept chocolate treats off of a monster every again!

The off the blocks starter poem was funny yet gruesome! loved it!

Heartbeat: Zombies rule! but so do cool kids and chocolate! the vision of brains being soup du jour will take awhile to disolve! I so wanted to hug this young chap at the end of the story.  Heartbeat

Nuance: this was a complex story which I had trouble reading and enjoying the first time, but when read over again I romped through it!! Lori has such complex ways of describing characters that you have trouble keeping track of who is who (my only complaint!) leaving me a little bamboozled! however, how can you not love carnival freaks & ghosties as a topic! My favourite line was "nature, nurture, adopted, abducted whats the difference!" made me giggle!  Nuance

Tail One: I love cats and have now amended my behavior towards them.... they are the masters I am the slave!! looking forward to kittys travels... such a unique perspective!! Unleashed Tail One

Beyond the Stump: Social Services have alot to answer for. Lori manages to single out your emotion nerve and then wring it for all its worth in this murdersome tale... is it ok to empathise with the "bad" guy?  Beyond The Stump

Bedeviled: read this as a stand alone novel... MUCH better the 2nd time, which seems to be how to read Lori's work... you get sooooo much more the next time, you wonder how you missed it! (I did find the constant descriptions of characters instead of their names a bit confusing!) Not your usual horror stuff but I dare you not to sleep with ear plugs in after this little tale!  Bedeviled

Macabre: the old Haunted House/Ghost story slammed into your face and rubbed around in the maggottygoo!! gently, gently, SLAM is how I felt... and unusually left wanting to know more. Macabre

A fantastic collection.... Lori Lopez is not a quick read,she mostly definitely needs cogitating but is so worth the effort as her characters and stories revolve in your head long after the book is shut.