Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WIDOW: Suspense Novel by Billie Sue Mosiman

What a tangled web this novel is.... amazing writing! 
I was gripped from start to finish.

The main characters are well rounded, amazingly detailed and life-like; the way they interact through each others lives is intriguing and carefully constructed in building this tense thriller.

You are brought into the story through the horror of a murder /suicide and the impact this leaves on a lovely young woman, who has her own secrets that reveal themselves throughout the book.

As the tension builds you are introduced to a strange writer who plagiarisers and copycats everything in his life and his peculiarly incontinent Mother, a bag lady who will leave you with an urge for a burger and a Cop you want to cuddle; not forgetting all the surrounding characters who pop up and round out the story.

Lots of twists and turns with an ending that really fitted in well.
10/10 for Billie Sue Mosiman

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