Thursday, 26 September 2013

Jugular by Lori R. Lopez

Ms Lopez is like reading poetry only with a horror kick!

She is no fast read author, this is a lady you savour and enjoy the flow of the story, you need the time to digest the constant flurry of exotic words and images that she sends your way.

The visual imagery that Ms Lopez conjures up with her words has an exquisiteness all her own.

In this novella she treats us to the genre of Vampire! and musters up a legend unique to her!

A woman is struggling with the change in life, it seems, this is not helped by her unexplained Husbands strange suicide and the immense guilt she feels for her wayward son.

One night she is killed, then the true story begins! Plunged into a dark world of dwarves, spooky houses, blood drinking and matriarchal vampire rules Ms Lopez weaves us towards a climatic fight scene to the death... but whose!

A brilliant ending, as always.

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