Monday, 30 September 2013

Full Moon Rising: Monster Squad by Heath Stallcup

So, I managed to read the first in this series Return of the Phoenix in one sitting and was stunned at how brilliant this was, so I tried very hard to make this novel last a bit longer, sadly it only took 3 days but OMG it was not a disappointment.

A very few brief lines of catch up from the first novel, which I love as a "faithful reader"; if you are picking up a 2nd book in a series don't expect to know what's going on!

All the best characters are there, expanded a little and added to slightly.

The story develops and we get to see more great fight scenes, all very military based, lots of gun jargon and some amazingly fantastic back stories to a few more monster kills/re-locations.

The main story though comes on leaps and (werewolf) bounds; alliances are forged, seals are (not) broken, people are kidnapped.

Some really good one line humour moments and a drive from the airport that had me in stitches as a new character is brought in, and oh my are you in for a treat!  (any Zombie Fallout fans will be elated)

Again with the unexpected ending, I will be stalking Heath Stallcup until no.3 is released, I hoping for many, many more in this series; the characters are now part of my life and I am already missing Jack.

I only have one niggle.... what happened to all the blush inducing sex?

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