Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Power of Three by Billie Sue Mosiman

The Fix: the shortest of the stories, which kind of leads you in gently, but don't be fooled! 
You will be thinking about this time paradox tale for many an hour after.... what would you go back and change? 
Full of depth, delicately dealt with but powerfully written.

Walls of the Dead: this really gave me the heebiejeebies!

An age old tale of an Evil House, but is it what it seems. 
Loved the sentient animals and thoughts of Stephen Hawking, how I was actually able to understand (almost Life, the Universe and Everything). 
However if matter has thoughts why didn't the vegetables object to being eaten!! You will now HAVE to read this to see what I mean!

Lots of differing strings brought together in the finale of Evil birth...

A Little Life: A harrowing story of guilt and a lost child. 

First comes the terror of the fire, so deftly described I felt a little skin crawly. 
Then comes the heartbreak of a lost child, or his he? Billie Sue Mosiman guides you through this young women's torment of the guilt she holds for the child she loses. 
The ending was nearly as tortuous as the beginning. This story had no fictional horror aspect instead it draws on emotion for all the horror you feel.

A brilliant collection, if you have read nothing by this fantastic author before this would be a great way to start.

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