Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Feeding the Urge by Jeffrey Kosh

So this has now been updated and rewritten.
And WOW what a difference I really enjoyed this before but now its amazing! It reads so much better (IMO) and its so much more clear.

Just as terrfying and even more haunting. Jeffrey Kosh has such a unique style, it really gives you the jitters as you are calmly and beautifully led into hell!

Once past the first chapter I finally "got" what Mr Kosh was trying to tell me!   Written with such beautiful prose, so deep and involved it can sometimes be a little hard to get into, but like another wonderful author (Lori R. Lopez) he is WELL worth it.

The vision of pain motes will stay with me for a long time.

So, now, I was acquainted with both spirit and material worlds and introduced to Nemesis, a pain/rage spirit who was able to break through the barrier and become a "Rider" I was prepared for the in depth story which unfolded.

From the floaty spirit world Mr Kosh slams you face first on to the mortuary slab and introduces his first character, the wonderful Dr (Axel) Hyde - the tongue in cheek name was not lost on me (sharp tack me!).

Is he a vessel for the Rider or just a twisted, tortured soul? 

Using cleverly written memory lane scenarios we are led through all the horrors that he commits because of his Rider, the Urge he must Feed.

The second main character is a beautiful, and wronged woman, out for revenge with seemingly her own Rider to deal with.

As you are weaved around the Bayou with these two vying for top killing spot, so many other sub plots come into play, with some luscious giggle moments and some descriptions so vivid I could smell them.

However, I almost found the depth to which Mr Kosh goes into with these sub-plots a bit distracting, but that is just me, I only have so much memory available!

His clear talent for writing is abound in this, his first novel.
Having read shorter stories by Mr Kosh and loved them, he has now become a firm favourite and I look forward to more horrors from his exquisite mind.

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