Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fossil by Lori. R. Lopez

Not sure what depths Lori R. Lopez brain has, but it goes pretty deep, another brilliant story, with a really good start, gooey middle and amazing ending! that was almost the best bit for me, apart from the fact it was ending!

Set through the ages this tale of a "bone man" demon who rises up every now and then to eat and spin havoc and transverses from an ancient god to a tv theme entertainment!

As usual with Ms Lopez her characters are rounded, unforgettable and usually eaten fairly gruesomely!

I love being surprised by Ms Lopez' writing some times she is all twisty turney, other times poetic, occasionally she throws this sort of story out that is gigglesome funny yet shudderingly grotesque but every time she is beautifully erudite.

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