Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Vengeance Is Mine by Kat Yares

Apart from being a most amazing story this is an updated post due to the amazing new cover by Jeffrey Kosh - simply put its stunning!! 

What a harrowing start to a story, and beware because it only gets worse. Poor Macie and the women/children of High Gap. This is a bleak life and world that Kat Yares paints, eloquently, but still bleak and horrifying.

As Macie suffers one final beating she crosses over into another "world", here lie some good things, is it heaven or hell though?

When she is used by the other women this sits badly with her, however as Hell becomes reality in the village of High Gap, she does appear to be having fun at least with her own focus of retribution.

As vengeance is taken, Macie recovers her health in the cabin with Cooter James who is a complex yet easy, man. He has MY perfect life (if only he had some pets! and WiFi). His kindness almost makes up for the cruelty previously shown to Macie.

Fantastic ending, some good and bad bits, brilliant length to this story, glad it was not a short.

I "love" the American system that states if a religious group or people occupying a private piece of land means that no one in authority wants to get involved despite the horrors that may go on there, not! Ms Yares highlights a sad indictment of modern American society; which is sadly true and not fiction.