Wednesday, 25 September 2013


What to say about this really great read?

Well written? yes, brilliant in fact, Mr Marquitz (Tim Marquitz: Author Page)   manages to put you right inside his main character.

The premise is brilliant, a store of murdered skulls which gives the "holder" a trip into their lives  and deaths, murders actually, as the collector likes to add to his morbid assortment.

Mr Marquitz does he usual spectacular last minute reveal of the killer, giving you lots of red herrings along the way. This is a brilliant theme that runs through all of his books; Witch Bane, Demon Squad Series,  Blood Trilogy & Prey)

So whats wrong with it? In my opinion, I think Mr Marquitz missed a trick by not putting you inside the victims, giving their PoV, maybe even some more victims? (yes im a sicko) and the story most definitely needs more of the background to Jacob, why was he new in the village? why did his Dad hate him so much? what is Ann's story? why does Jacob become so addicted?

All that said, its a great read and I will continue to be WOW'd by this brilliant story teller.

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